"You can't become a pilot if you do LSD" ~ LSD Myths #2

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LSD Myth #2: Does taking LSD prevent you from becoming a pilot?

One of the most infamous LSD myths responsible for a lot of apprehension for would-be users of LSD is the classic:

Doing LSD once will prevent you from being a pilot, because they will test your spinal fluid for LSD! It will be detectable for life! Don't do LSD!

This myth is very widespread and is one of the first things someone will ask when the topic of LSD comes up. Ingested LSD will have a biological half-life of about ~5.1 hours, meaning the psychedelic is actually completely out of your body within the 24-48 hours following a trip.

Furthermore, in 2008 the US Department of Defense discontinued testing for LSD for all military branches because, "only four positive LSD tests were found out of more than 2 million test  conducted over a three year period. This cost-benefit analysis resulted  in the military ceasing LSD testing as part of their standard panel." It is very improbable to get tested for LSD unless you run around the streets naked and get arrested like this guy.

Another LSD myth busted! Spread the knowledge, see you tomorrow!

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Awesome read! Always hated when people bring this up thinking its true!!

Upvoted & Resteemed!

I used to believe this. Teachers back in highschool would tell us how if we take LSD once then 16 years later we'll still "have a trip" and will always fail drug tests. What a load of bullshit

That's evidence of blatant fear mongering drilled into the minds of the youth since the 1960s... what a shame.

I'm a pilot and I could confirm what you wrote ;)

What about in Europe? I've got no plans to try it especially if it puts my pilot's licence in jeopardy.

No sir; to my knowledge spinal tap tests are simply not a requirement in getting a pilots licence, even for the military to my knowledge.

LSD is out of your body quicker than the point at which effects will subside.

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