What's Life Without Fun?

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There is something hardcoded into humans which makes us seek fun. We don’t seek to be unhappy, sad, angry, depressed or melancholy. That happens with people, but we don’t go looking for them. That negative ‘stuff’ just finds us, sometimes even after we try hard to stay clear of its grasp.

But, fun, that is another story. I can’t think of a person I know or have known who didn’t want fun in some form in their life. Fun means different things to some people. What I find fun others might find boring or a drag. So, to each their own often comes into the definition.

The word ‘fun’ first emerged into the English language around 1727 and was used to refer to a hoax. It is thought to have come from the Middle English word ‘fonne’ which meant to dupe. By 1833 the use of the word had evolved to mean indulging in banter or play and by 1846 the concept of people being full of fun or having a fun time as we know it today had come into play.

The quest for fun, pleasure, entertainment or enjoyment has spawned huge industries throughout the ages. Even though the word fun didn’t emerge until much later, having fun has always existed. Fun is the greatest stress reliever the world has ever known. Oh, by the way, the word stress didn’t emerge until the 14th century.

Fun can be a solitary experience or can be shared in groups of all sizes. It can be as simple as a quiet stroll on a summer evening or can be part of a loud crowd screaming their delight at some entertainment venue. Or, anything in between.

What is fun for me might not be fun for you and vice versa but we all get the idea that people are entitled to fun in their lives. Well, I’d likely draw the line if a person’s fun included hurting other people or animals. There are limits.

I can have fun immersed in a well written book or in a group of people I like and enjoy the company of. I can have fun sitting quietly watching others or engage in the conversation. It can be fun finding a quiet place to watch nature at play or to engage in playing in nature. It can be fun preparing a meal for others or sitting down to enjoy a well prepared meal.

Fun is only limited by our willingness to experience the new and let it grow on us.

I have experienced life without fun. It was called depression. Not the “I had a bad day” sort of depression but the kind where you’re dropped in a deep dark hole. Nothing matters in that dark hole, not even the dark.

Definitely not a fun place to be.

So, let’s live life with fun and be grateful.

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Well said my friend and just the words.. What would life be without fun?
It would be a dark and depressing one,and draining.
We need laughter and craziness... Lol
Se life in a positive way, be thankful for the blessings in life and the wonderful people around us 🤗 that makes life so worth living and not let negativity drive you.... But fun.
The best medicine and makes wonders for the soul ❤️ great subject.
And world and fun can also be so much. But also it is what we make it...
Have a wonderful evening @ShadowsPub and stay as you are ❤️🤗❤️


takes a lot of energy to be negative.. fewer muscles to smile than to frown. Maybe some folks like to exercise through negativity eh? :)

‘fonne’ which meant to dupe.

hehehe - a lot of people love to STILL dupe people for fun! tricksters (like my kids... they love to dupe me! hehehehe)

i love fun. i just LOVE FUN!!!! i'm so happy when I'm giggling and laughing and surrounded by people doing the same :)


and we all love hearing your laughing and giggling @dreemsteem... and you handle being duped so well.

Well done, Shadows!
Well written

So many different kinds of fun too. You think maybe then, with the translation, the term 'poking fun' or 'making fun of' came to be?


very likely @enginewitty ... it's a very broad subject for sure.

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