Buddy UP Community - "Word of The Week" = INTELLIGENCE.

The Buddy Up Community "Word of The Week" has become somewhat of a challenge with this word. In fact it has had me thinking about the word, the term, the meaning of it and likewise the consequences that the lack of it brings about as does the abuse and/or malicious use of intelligence.

To go deeper into it, I guess the appropriate place to start are the most common "definitions" of the word:

As per Google:

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noun: intelligence

the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
"an eminent man of great intelligence"
synonyms: intellectual/mental capacity, intellect, mind, brain, brains, brainpower, powers of reasoning, judgement, reason, reasoning, understanding, comprehension, acumen, wit, sense, insight, perceptiveness, perception, perspicaciousness, perspicacity, penetration, discernment, sharpness, quickness of mind, quick-wittedness, smartness, canniness, astuteness, intuition, acuity, alertness, cleverness, brilliance, aptness, ability, giftedness, talent; informalbraininess
"a man of great intelligence"
antonyms: stupidity
a person or being with the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.
plural noun: intelligences
"extraterrestrial intelligences"

the collection of information of military or political value.
"the chief of military intelligence"
synonyms: information gathering, surveillance, observation, reconnaissance, spying, espionage, undercover work, infiltration, ELINT, cyberespionage, humint; informalrecon
"a former agent for British military intelligence"

As per Wiki

Intelligence has been defined in many ways, including: the capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving. More generally, it can be described as the ability to perceive or infer information, and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviors within an environment or context.

Intelligence is most often studied in humans but has also been observed in both non-human animals and in plants. Intelligence in machines is called artificial intelligence, which is commonly implemented in computer systems using programs and, sometimes, appropriate hardware.

I dare say that Google has it almost right, in fact if it were to be listed as follows:

The collection of information after which the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills are applied.

Could this be an all encompassing definition of "intelligence"?

I can appreciate that many a philosopher through the course of history has enjoyed a good game of words, even a good game of Scrabble when suitable.

Yet, is it necessary to kill the true meanings of words by twisting them around and using them in ways that they were never intended?

What is the goal of all that?

Could it be that confusion and a lack of definition in life is what some wish to achieve?

Without clear definitions and understanding of what is being said, there is no effective communication and likewise it leaves the doors open for abuse.

People can be abused in all possible ways, from lets say legal proceedings in which there is no precedence as there is no clear cut definition of anything, all the way to the education of youngsters.

For those among us who have seen and experienced judicial systems in which there is no precedence, we can all confirm that corruption and abuse are ramped in such nations/countries. While in those where the judicial system is the same for one and all, as per the definition of precedence, corruption is not an acceptable means of life.

So, What exactly is the goal of those who keep twisting and turning the definitions of words around?

Is it to suit an agenda that we do not know about?

or are they maybe serving an agenda without even realizing it?

Either way, there can be no good brought about if the end result is confusion and abuse of one another in a system in which the spoken word isn't effective.

When the spoken word fails then there is unrest, upheaval and when it comes to the worst of it all, death, bloodshed, war.

I dare say that we here are witnesses to yet another word with extreme importance being killed by those who obviously don't wish to take any responsibility for their actions.

For if they did, they would care about the future and the consequences of their actions.


Think about it.

Yours truly,

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@jackmiller2, most excellent! The paradigm you used with the "Legal System" was so perfect I actually read every word. "Intellect", as I grew to understand, was something one acquired through schooling and experience. I missed the boat there, I guess, but "Wisdom" is gained through experience using "Interllect". Again, I missed the boat, but I try.
Getting back to the judicial system, I am waiting for "honor and respect" to go back to the district attorney side of things. Like Kamala Harris, they tend to hide evidence, especially if it would prove innocence. They create a theory and make the evidence fit it. When they are proven wrong, they never apologize to anyone, only pay that person with taxpayer money.

Loved your writing, please keep it up!

Your example here is perfect to show how no "society" is immune to the "system" and to what all the "system" does to people via the tools that they have available.

As technology advances so too does the abuse of the tools they have.

There is a band from former East Germany called Rammstein who literally summed it up via a song (done in their own artistic style) about this topic of "abuse" for the goal of total and utter control. The theme of the song is literally based on the story of East Germany and the communist/socialist regime there.

So what we see happening today is nothing new, it is an overly tested and proven method that brings about dreadful results every time.

There's always a place to interpret word depending on the context. Human is not black and white, it's all grey. Since words are human invention, their no clear definition of our communication.

But, hey, at least we have google and wikipedia to gather around ;-)

Interesting post and keep on!

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Getting people to think about things as important as these that we see happening all around us is probably the one and only way to evoke a sincere interest for it.

Grey is good, especially when avoiding responsibilities, while it is the "grey" that should help in understanding the true meanings behind the words and not with a goal for "grey" to replace both the black and the white and any other colour combination that may bring about the grey.

Appreciate your comment, had me thinking again about how I could have maybe said what I wanted to say in a clearer manner. As it is becoming hard to say what one wants without it being misread in this world of chaos.


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