No, but I just looked him up and he does seem to have some interesting and similar topics for his books. Thanks for bringing his name up!

This is him, right?

that's him.
I've read Burning Chrome, Virtual Light, Idoru, Pattern Recognition, and Neuromancer. He's a heavy read... this isn't some easy summer beach fare. It makes you think about the nature of thought, intelligence, and what it is to be human v. artificial intelligence.

Not to mention a commentary on today's Internet and Cyber world... (he wrote some of this 30 yrs ago!!!)

Sounds like either a guy 'in the know' or had some great intuition and foresight.

Okay! I like the sound of that. Which book would you recommend reading first? And be nice. LOL

Burning Chrome is a collection of his short stories. Depends on your lifestyle... if this is easier to get into with real life time limits... or:
Most people would say, Neuromancer is the place to start.
While I am not most people, I'll go out on a limb and agree with them.

Thank ya! The Neuromancer did sound intriguing to me

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