In Her Element - an oil painting

This is a detail of a painting I have finally finished after months of work. These glazes really take a long time to do, but working with color and transparency is so fascinating.

I chose the title "In Her Element" to evoke what should be the relationship between humans and nature. Modern humans have set themselves apart from nature, to their detriment, and will only manage to survive if they stop thinking nature is something outside of themselves. Nature is within us - it can't be any other way.

I will post more details, and the entire painting in the next few days.

Hope you enjoy the post.

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This is extremely beautiful, I will be attentive with the rest of the details, this is related to the theme of the squares that you took to the photo gallery?

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Hello there, Kathleen! Thanks for sharing this amazing work, it's really special!

Thank you @trincowski. I followed your advice and posted in busy.

Nice! Doesn't it look a lot better...?

Actually, I just added @busy to the tags. I couldn't figure out how to post to Busy from my Steemit account. When I went to Busy, they asked me to open another account. Perhaps you can explain to me how to post in busy, is it necessary to open a new account?

No, it's not. You sign in with SteemConnect, using the Steem account. ;-)

Oh ok. I will try that. Thank you.

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What an exuberant joy that you captured in this painting. She is a really beautiful girl.
I am looking forward to see the finished artwork, no doubt it will be a great new achievement.

Thank you @scrawly - she was such a lovely model.

Looks fantastic, Can't wait to see the full artwork!

Thank you. I have upvoted your work too and am following you.

It looks absolutely wonderful ! The girl's emotion is palpably captured here as she feels the splash of the water upon her <3 Very beautiful colours, as usual ! The flowers and the water drops' highlights are so wonderfully done <3

Thank you @veryspider, comments like this are very reassuring - I spend so much time on these paintings.

I love the droplets on her eyelashes, such detail really pulls the viewer in.

I always find it funny that people always talk of Nature and Humans as separate things that "We" do this or that TO Nature, but we ARE Nature, in all of our actions (even bad) we are simply a cog in that wheel. Nature has no good or bad nor judgement, it just is. I suppose it our our conscious state that must let us decide what is GOOD we SHOULD do as a PART of Nature , I think anyway. :)

Yes of course you are right. It is weird that we somehow thought we were outside of nature's action. My feeling is that nature will conquer all, but man may not be around to see it. We have endangered ourselves and so many other species.

The irony is that I don't even think it will be the other elements of Nature that will take out humans, but their own invention of tech that will one day seem them as negative in an earthly equation and hit the 'delete' button.

Me encanta tu técnica tienes buena pincelada y matices ;)

Muchas gracias, your comment is very encouraging.

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