Detail of my latest painting

Here is another detail of my current painting. I am enjoying working on it in a relaxed manner. It has taken ahold of me and won't let go until it is finished. I tell myself I should stop and go for a walk, cook something, whatever. But I just paint. Now that I have once again covered the whole surface, I will let it dry and pick it up again after the holidays. It seems like a good painting for evoking the spirit of Christmas, so Merry Christmas everybody!

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Courtesy of @nmalove

Lovely collection of hands. All of them that you drew here are telling their own stories :D.
Have a happy holiday, Kathleen.

Thank you @scrawly, it seemed like a nice Christmas message.

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I always love your colour palette and this is wonderful. I saw it on fb the other day and cant wait to see it in it's entirety.

As the year ends I am trying to focus and prepare myself for the plan and my art resolution for the year.

If you don't post again before Christmas, Happy Christmas!

Thank you @donnadavisart, please share your art resolution with us! And Merry Christmas to you too!

Always, always, I am amazed by how beautiful you render the human body and limbs ! These hands are so expressive and wonderfully painted, Kathleen ! What a lovely detail of your painting <3

Merry Christmas from me, also <3 !!!

Dear @veryspider, thank you, and thank you for the Christmas wishes.