A little boy with a bicycle - an oil painting

I saw this little boy in a remote village in Southern India. From the looks of his expression, my presence put him on the defensive. I love his defiant little face.


This composition and color scheme were partially inspired by Indian miniatures. In this form of artistic expression, there was often a sort of frame within the painting, and many delicate little motifs and colors. In my painting, the colorful forms are painted in acrylic, the inner picture of the child in oil glazes.

Thanks for checking out this post. Hope you enjoyed it.

My website: www.kathleenscarboro.fr


He's definitely giving that deviant glare. I wonder what he's thinking.
The border that you made for this painting is also beautiful, Kathleen =).

I think he thought the Martians had landed - wasn't used to seeing westerners. Thank you, @scrawly.

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The part I like the most of the painting is the child's stare. Just love it.

Thanks for sharing, best regards.

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Thank you! So glad you like it.

Really amazing, @kathleenscarboro ! Your colours is so rich that they almost glow out of my screen * ___ * I love it !

Thank you @veryspider; this was one of the first paintings I did with my teacher's special oil technique.