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RE: Drone view of Castlewood Canyon Park in Colorado

in #drone4 years ago

Good shoot and nice Video from above with drone... Upvote

Hello, i am hadimemories, i am organizer the flying photographer contest in Steemit [Photo & Video Drone] if you like photography and Drone Lovers please visit my blog steemit and Let's Enjoy it and Win 5 SBD /Steem :)

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Organizer The Flying Photographer Contest & Steemit Drone Lovers - Community


Thanks @hadimemories This sounds like great way to connect with other Drone Photo lovers! I've joined the discord channel, but still new to that as well. I enjoy watching other videos and pics as well for new photo ideas. Following for more!

Thank you, Let's Enjoy it and together build Drone Lovers Community in Steemit :)

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