My Dream Destination is Bohol Tourist Spot in the Philippines

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Have a nice day everyone,May God bless our Sunday!

I would like to say thank you for this initiative,giving me to realized to have a dream and not just a dream but a dream comes true.So God help me.

To those who wanted to have a dream travel try to.visit his post

I am a native Filipina,who is working away from home for two decade.I won't be dreaming for going to another country for that will be impossible.I will have a simple dream coming back to where I belong.I was born on that province but so sad I never been visiting those places noted for as one of tourist spot visited by thousands flocks of foreigner coming from a different it is my own native land but never been coming on this places.That's why I selected this place and I wanna be enjoying my vacation sooner since it has been almost five years I did not able to.visit my homeland and my family.


This is the Chocolate Hills located at Carmen, Bohol one of the small island of Philippines.I was there when I was six years old.I want to be there again when I could spend my.vacation this year end.Roaming around the whole province is so affordable.We can make it just for a 24 hours trip with your own car or rent a car.Maybe it is better if you have a three days trip so we can have an overnight stay in a certain low cost hotel or even included promo in our travel plan together with my family.

There are so many places to.go in the mountainside of Bohol or in the seaside.I will dream it possible!It will be a time for me to have a break from all up and down to my life since childhood.I wanna be celebrating my life before I finally say farewell to everyone.Who knows and GOD knows we are all bound to our final destination and it will come without prior notice.

For those who have plan to travel and visit my home country try to check Bohol Tourist Spot Destination.You will enjoy your travel and so affordable.Peace and order are really observed.

This is a video I grab from google/youtube,this is not mine.


I wish and pray God will make my dream comes true for a double purpose seeing my family back home.

There are so many reason why I never visit my family.It is more on financial distability that hinder my way..Yes,I never been seeing them but all my income working abroad are all bound for my family.In this situation,it force me stay on working than being with them.I never mind what people may say but God knows me and my reason inside my heart.This is all about sacrifice for the sake of my love and memory that will not be forgotten.

Thank you @nuoctuong for your contest and I able to make a dream plan.

That's all for today and thank you for dropping by.

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loving you,
Nancy Deevi

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Wohh..One of the beautiful places it looks like!! Hope you will get there soon.. :D


It is really beautiful place attlt low affordable prices maam @rinki


I hope I will also be there after getting married :)


Wow during your honeymoon
Let us know here in steemit ok.

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Yeah sure 😋😋

Thank you for taking to this exclusive paradise, @olivia08. As I mentioned, I lived in the Philippines many years ago passing by there as a refugee. I hope to return one day.


Oh my God,nice to.hear that.
You are so.welcome there again.

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Salaam Sir

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taga dri jud ako papa te pero wa pajud ko kasuroy s bohol, cebu nuon ehehhe