Dream Dimension: House Number 8 (Original Dream)

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Welcome to Dream Dimension, the vast vortex of Dreams.

I would like to start off by saying I think one of the highest forms of creativity is what the imagination and the subconscious can collaborate on while in the dream state. You all have read my work, my poetry, my stories, my real life experiences, my love for boxing and my passion for making music. I want to inspire this community to begin a new form of blogging and that is the storytelling of our dreams.

You know the best stories can come from dreams, they can be just as crazy as a drug induced experience or as wild as our sober mind can contemplate at its limits and then some. I will try out the tag dreams for this post and continue to release my own dreams that I have had and we can all have wonderful conversations and dialogue discussing what some of our dreams or nightmares maybe. The only rule is to have fun. You can share your dream however long or short it is, and whether or not it is a reoccurring dream and if there is any backstory to it to the best of your knowledge.

Doesn't this sound intriguing?

If you want to get the ball rolling and hear from others and their dream experiences, then please feel free to resteem this.

I look forward to the next few posts from other content creators who will share some of their craziest or most compelling dreams.

Tip: I usually keep a notepad or my smartphone nearby when I wake up from a dream and if it grabbed my attention and I don't want to forget it. I usually do a voice recording if I'm really tired, or I jot down quick notes to retain the best of the details.

Here is a dream I had about a couple years ago involving me and my older sister Desiree. I don't know what to make of it, however it moved me and I was fascinated by the entire storyline and how it connected from start to finish. It's definitely one of my favorites. The title of this dream is due to the address of a house which is the main focal point of action in this dream. Please enjoy.


House Number 8

Before House Number 8
Outside and around the neighborhood are numerous homes
They look old and dilapidated

The people are covered in dust and live quietly
They are like poor people and they are suspicious of me and my sister Desiree
We get the feeling that they want to catch us and that they see us as a potential threat

They don't know us or our intentions
So we slip past a few onlookers and go venturing into many abandoned houses, exploring open rooms searching for valuables and treasure

After finding nothing, we come upon House Number 8
We look at its looming appearance and head inside

"This house is haunted"
This thought and feeling blasts cold waves through my entire body as we close the front door

We begin to cautiously walk through it exploring

It is still daytime at dawn and we gaze upon beautiful china


and luxury furniture everywhere


An orange hazy glow from the dying sun permeates through cream curtains as we explore further

It is slowly and surely getting darker

There are tiger and lion statues placed all around the house
Desiree is no longer with me and has gone out of sight


They begin to move and stare at me as I search my way through the unknown halls and rooms

I come across wonderful artifacts on display
Most notably sitting on top of a dresser in the hallway is a Sawed Off Shotgun embroidered in ivory-iridescent, rainbow opalescent colors
There are not enough color adjectives to describe its beauty
The shotgun was sheathed from the grip and handle as a fierce lion

I leave it and search a couch next to the dresser
Under the couch pillow seats
I find strange silver coins from the 15th, 16th and 18th century


Yet, I'm not happy or impressed
Something feels wrong and I keep searching
I find even more coins inside the dresser drawers and keep moving

I pass in the hallway a mysterious bathroom that's filled with blood

So much broken china everywhere
I turn to see the rainbow sheathed lion shotgun turn into a moving lion statue now upon four legs and turning its head with hung open jaws still atop the dresser

I panic and look for Desiree
I come upon a ripped section of a wall nearby a staircase leading to another section of the house to a secret wardrobe
I find Desiree there and show her the menacing lion statue
She looks at it and sees its head follow me as I move

The lion statue jumps from the dresser top and onto the floor transforms again into a real small, friendly baby lion

As if to display a certain false cuteness to let us let it get closer

We quickly leave the house as it got darker
We begin switching off all the lights in the house as we exit through the backyard, which leads us to a side road in complete darkness

It is here where we encounter a full grown blackish grey hyena with yellow glowing eyes and vicious fangs


It stalks after us and I'm smacking it with my bag of treasures every time it comes close trying to bite me and Desiree's ankles as we run

It finally nips Desiree and she falls
I pull out a red light and scare it away for a fleeting moment, but it keeps returning determined

I see a playground nearby and I smack the hyena again with my bag as it closes in on Desiree who is still recovering from her bite wound

Just as I'm about to strike the hyena flush on the forehead
It turns into a black boy who is then found by his father
The father comes to us out of the darkness and thanks us for not killing his troubled son

Me and Desiree sit in silence and peace as we watch the man carry his son, who is now asleep, away in his strong arms


Then I wake up...

What do you think this dream reveals?

Thank you for reading this post in its entirety, I hope you enjoyed reading this favorite dream of mine. Please comment below your thoughts and reactions and feel free to share your own dreams in a future post and let me know about it. I shall be searching the tag dreams everyday now until it catches fire in the community.

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Next Post coming tomorrow

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Thank you for the update

That gives me the creeps -- the lions and hyenas. I would say you need Daniel to interpret your dreams.

Yeah it was a highly intriguing dream to say the least. I could also used Joseph for dream interpreting too! But yeah, lions and hyenas, definitely something to take heed to. Thank you very much for being the first to comment. I hope this inspires you to share a dream of yours as well.

"'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

Guess it depends if you are young or old...if your dream has a meaning, that is :)

You were very creative in the way you presented it...all along I thot it demonic....maybe a war going on ?

Did you find a meaning eventuallY?

Indeed that is what God says, thanks for the humbling reminder. I am not old by any means physically, but spiritually I feel more than a handful of decades under me.

I also thought the same thing, the dream displays greed, uncertainty, darkness, bloodshed, shape shifting, deception and unknown transformative symbolism like the father and son which could be taken with much discernment. I just see it as be careful of my desires and focuses in this world and do not entertain strangers or entities unaware. Thanks so much for your insightful comment. I do look forward to a dream post from you as well

It will be an interesting project. I'll keep an eye out for it. I don't know about my dreams. I used to have some that repeated. But I will share if I get one.

Thanks for telling yours. It was interesting. I have a tendency to maybe look too deeply into the meaning or for a meaning. I have to be careful of that.

You're most welcome. Yes please if you have any to share that would be really cool. I too over speculate at times but thinking critically is never a bad thing. Sometimes if we don't look deep enough we stay buried in the unknown.

Wow. Really cool dream. I'll have to think about this some more to see what comes to me about what it could mean. I'll comment again later this week.

I actually wrote a post a couple weeks ago hoping to start a community of dreamers here on Steemit, then I got distracted and almost didn't see your post wanting to start one too. I'm all in! The tag "dreams" seems like a good place to start.

Thank you very much for the nice long comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the dream, it was pretty crazy and twisted indeed. I'll check out your page and look for that post on dreams. I figured I wasn't the only one to have thought about this idea and I'm glad we are now a sub community of two. I look forward to you writing about one of your dreams very soon. There are so many untold amazing dreams, some more far fetched than others but that's what makes dreams great.
The wierdest ones are some of the most authentic cause you don't have to try hard to attempt explaining the why. In dreams, anything is possible at any given time.

What really strikes me about this dream is how some of the scary images are revealed to be childlike and troubled instead of malicious. It feels like it's saying that if you look closely at what scares you, you'll find that it's not that scary after all. These creatures may seem terrible, but underneath is something that needs care and love. Thank you for sharing this with all of us!

Thank you very much. I really like your interpretation and it is very insightful and gives a good breakdown on the transformative revealings of the true nature of things. Thanks for keeping your work and following up. Where is that link of your post where you wrote about dreams? I would also like to check it out please. I look forward to people contributing to this movement, I'll be writing another dream experience shortly.

Hey @rebelmeow I hope this comment finds you in good health, I just wanted to update you and let you know I just posted another dream I had today actually. Your thoughts and insight would be much appreciated if you have time to check it out. Hope you enjoy the read. Thank you