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After more than 18 months of continuous publishing posts, I will be taking now a break. Therefore, this will be one of my last messages for a while. Long or short, time will tell


Dream # 1: "Shootings at the circus; a man give birth to a mutation"

I am married for a year and my age is 20. I must say that I rarely dream but in the past two days, I have had two strange dreams. Lately, my plans have gone awry and since then I have been in a kind of depression, which means that I am functioning but until I find solutions I am at a loss.

The first dream: I'm at the festival, a circus. There is a competition. The goal is to bring down people from the beam and those who remain last get a million. And suddenly I see people shooting in the direction of the competitors' legs. Then I see people in loops without legs. That's it, I wake up.

The second dream: I'm in a villa on wheels and I'm pregnant and then I give birth without pain but I do not know what to do with the baby and how to feed him so he died (I am terrified by the thought). Then a feeling that a long time passed. I am in the same house, once more pregnant and have to give birth and with me, there is a man whom I know. He also gives birth but to a mutant. I have twins, a boy and a girl, and I feel happy. In real life I never felt such happiness.

The dreams are chasing me. I must add that I do not want children until I finish school.


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My Interpretation

The dream reflects accurately the feelings of confusion and helplessness you are in. On the one hand, there is a circus, a place of joy and recreation, and on the other hand, difficult images of physical malformations, shots. And later, an experience of birth accompanied by feelings of helplessness ("what to do?") And sorrow and then bliss.

If you are looking for a message in a dream then it may be a little hidden. Beyond the possibility of being aware of your state of mind (but as you wrote - you are already aware of it), the sense of happiness, euphoria, which you describe is a real feeling. And here exactly lies the message - happiness is your real state of being and you can bring it here, to your physical reality. Joy is what exists beyond and at the base of any other reality, this is the love energy that surrounds you all the time, including now, and in the dream you just allow yourself to feel it.

Once you find the solutions you are looking for your dreams will change accordingly. By the way, you can ask for solutions in the dream. When you have such dreams you will know how to interpret them.


Dream # 2: A cat tied to a box

I am 27 years old, working in the field of therapy, single.

I had a dream in which a cat I had and loved very much (which died 4 years ago) is connected by a rope to a rectangular can. There is no label of cat food on the box, and there is no smell of food, but the cat knows that it is his food (he can not open the box), but he was messing with the can all the time and was confident by being connected to the box.

Suddenly the box disappeared but he was still attached to it. He did not find the box but every time he jumped to find the box the rope choked him and that was something that frightened me and my mother who looked from the side.

I'm in a job that does not suit me and I want to move to another workplace. If I to literally interpret the dream, then I am attached to something that can't be used and when it disappears I feel threatened. Although it is not really a food that can nourish me yet I get the confidence from the food box and when it is gone I am looking for it. The searches hurt me - if I jump to the box and want to catch it and get suffocated.

I can not get the dream into something that happens in my life. I can relate it to work but I still have not been able to translate it.


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My Interpretation

Sometimes, pets from our past, even those who have died, come back to visit us in a dream to give us some message. It is not the cat's consciousness, especially since many years have gone by, but the goal is nonetheless achieved.

The dream speaks of inadequate nourishment. The cat symbolizes a young, almost childish part of you that needs constant care and nourishment. It reflects a dominant part of you and brings it to the surface.

In other words, the dream asks you to look at the child's aspect in you, and also suggests that you grow up, get yourself together, and move from a child to a mature woman.

It is important to understand that there is no judgment here! But a loving instruction from yourself (= the presence of your mother in the dream) to yourself, telling you that you are already a big girl and it is time to stop asking for nourishment from the environment. The dream would not have come if you had not had the potential for great achievements. See that as a blessing.


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Didn't you said same on yesterday's post?

"After more than 18 months of continuous publishing posts, I will be taking now a break. Therefore, this will be one of my last messages for a while. Long or short, time will tell"


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"one of my last messages"