"Running away from the evil man" - a dream interpretation

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The dream

Last night I dreamed the following dream: I'm running away from someone I do not know - a man - an adult, scary, a bad guy. It was me and another woman escaping and we tried to hide between buildings. I suddenly saw my father, he did not see well (in reality too), and therefore did not see where we were running to so I called him to come quickly to my place. The feeling throughout the dream is of a great fear of this man.

I finally woke up in a panic ... I do not remember when the last time I woke up because of a scary dream ... I'm really curious to know what that means.

I am 35 years old. My father is 70 years old. His place in my life is almost nothing. I mainly help him; taking him to medical tests (he has a problem with his eyes), etc. I really love him and care for him.


Credit: Illustrator Miles Johnston

My Interpretation

It is clear that the dream speaks of fear within you. The question is what is its origin?

I think it's something you'll need to explore with yourself because there can be many reasons for expressing this fear. If you remembered or wrote down more about the character who haunted you, maybe I could be more accurate. Still a few words to think about -

You write that the character who pursued you emitted evil. The figure was also masculine. So is it possible to examine your conscious (and unconscious) attitude toward the male sex?

  • Was there a man in your life who showed bad and cruel behavior that hurt you a lot? (Harm in the mental sense)
  • Perhaps you would want to examine your attitude to "evil", to the (metaphorical) darkness in life. Some people try hard to remove any trace of "negativity" from their lives, to think positively, to avoid negative things, and so on. This may be what you are regularly doing and then the "bad" part that you suppress naturally erupts in the dream. When you examine your attitudes to life and balance the duality the fears will dissolve. It is good that you have allowed yourself to be aware of and care for those aspects.

As for your father's place in the dream, there are two possibilities - that he represents the needy part of you, the weak part, the one who needs attention and treatment. He represents the little girl in you and you are afraid for this child's safety, lest the "bad" world outside will hurt her. Or he represents the protective part, the guardian angel, who rushed to your aid when you called him out of the grave fear that you felt in the dream.


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