"Having sex with a stranger, cheating on my husband" - a dream interpretation

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The dream

I dreamed that I was being persuaded to have sex with a guy I did not know, and I said that I did not want to (I'm a married and faithful woman and in reality, there is no way I would ever betray my husband). They told me that my husband did not care, and then this guy came and we were together and went into the room, locked it and had sex.

I'm simply shocked by this dream. I remember that I was not interested in it at all and during the dream was only thinking about my husband. I am a very loyal girl and my relationship with my husband is superb. What does it mean (I am 29 years old)?


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My Interpretation

Your kind of dream is not uncommon. At the heart of the matter there may be two options (which I am aware of):

  1. You do not show loyalty to who you are. You may have given up on yourself. For example, you may have had more personal dreams and aspirations at a younger age but for some reason, you decided to give them up. You may be closing your eyes to a reality in your life that contradicts a basic value you believe in. I am talking about something very deep that is close to you, such as the behavior of the partner, the children (if there is any), etc.). There can be several factors. The element of betrayal is important, the deliberate or not ignoring of your inner self.

  2. A second possibility speaks of communication with other parts of the soul. Our psyche consists of infinite aspects, each of which has its own distinct personality. In the dream, you have been in contact with a part that does not share your world view of loyalty. For this aspect, it was not a bad thing to cheat. You, on the other hand, were shocked. The dream asks you to explore the real reasons for loyalty. Is it just because that's how you were raised? Is it because of the society (conservative?) In which you live, etc.

Good luck with this inner exploration!


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Jungian's would probably point our her psyche may be wanting to integrate more of her masculine side. Honor her masculine attributes which may be pushed to the side, as you say because of the belief's/socialization she grew up with.


I personally am fond of Jung's theories, much more than his mentor, Freud's, although the former was considered by some, to be a pseudo-scientist, thanks to his mystical inclinations.
Thanks for your comment 🙏

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