Wow. Pretty nice, man.

@snowapl thats my goal dream brother youcan help me for get it

There you go!

This is REAL talent!

if you keeep posting sketchees like this everyday then YOU WILL EARN the money to buy THREE of these cars!!!!

I PROMISE you that if you keep working harda nd post wpwhat u know then u will win!

i ampaying 1 SBD to promote thos post for you!!!

Bt PLEASE ads a paragrpah describing how you drew theis, what car is it, descrrie the make a nd model, and describe your dream of why you want it and when you first dreamed it

please describe the ddream and i promose you that you will srart making $100 a day like me so you can by onf of these cars in a a few months! Soon u can make $1000 a day and in two months you will be able to purchase one of these new

iwant earn 1000 dollr in one post can you help me for this brother @ackza connect me iwant talk to you

You can do it if you keep posting your drawings
You cannot think about the money, u have tii think about the content, the art, the photos, people are interested in Algeria if you can make Algeria look interesting and it is a beautiful country, ALL of earth is beautiful and we arent n algeriia so u can shrae algeria with is!!!!

Ok so keep posting your rawings of ur car!

keep drawing stuff!!!

draw steemit logos! draw a photo of steemit users!

be creative keep posting everyday


@ackza ok brother but how i finde people lov algeria

that is a supercar! your drawing is amazing it catches the car lines perfectly thanks for sharing your work and I'll be glad if you give me your opinion about my second harry potter drawing here is the link and hope you'll enjoy it :)

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