Realty Tear

in drawing •  last year

Another painting in my current series. Believe it or not this piece is only around 3x5 inches.

When I look at this piece now, it reminds me of a beta fish. Just another tear in the fabric of reality.

What does this painting remind you of? Where does it take you? Let me know in the comments :)

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@william-syrus really enjoying your works! Somehow this one reminds me of burned book dropped on the floor. 3x5 inches? That is so cool! Would be shocking (in good way) to see the size comparison or something along those lines. :)


Thanks, i'm glad. I can see them being burned books. Next time I paint small i'll be sure to do that.

This is so cool :-)


Thank you :)

Nice art. Keep it up dear.


Thank you. I will.

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