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in drawing •  2 years ago  (edited)

Nowadays I tried to post articles in different topics but those are not getting so many hits. So now I decided to do something new, do something new.

I checked other blogs who post photograph, images, drawing, arts are getting more hits than post any text article. So I decided to do some experiment and created something new. if it is going well in steemit than I may continue with it.

My First Watercolor Painting For Steemit.

my image1.jpg

And here is Some painting ongoing Images -



my image1.jpg

I Hope You All Like My Painting - PLEASE UPVOTE, This will encourge me a lot.


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nice one...congratulations

Amazing painting such a talented u r @whiteblood Upvoted

Thanks sweetheart.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Cool stuff. On steemit you can write a huge article and get one vote or post a silly picture and get 100. It is all about quality and not quantity. Good luck and don't get discouraged :) also promote your posts in discord :)

Oh, Thank you very much @gabchik. I really appreciate your encouragement. Yes you are right a good and genuin content always win in steemit, but I think these days drawing and photography are perform better in steemit rather than the article.

And dont worry about the upvotes, it will not always be bad days ... Publish on the things that you really like, and with constancy, you will see how you win faithful followers, who will highly appreciate your post!
Greetings from Venezuela!

Thanks, dear @hada. This will encourage me a lot to do the things I like. I really appreciate it. I hope your wish come true. Thanks Again.

Wow amazing ..
I like your posts brother.
Follow me :


Love all these colors ;-)

great done, very nice!
follow and upvote!
I invite you to voisit my blog, it's also about an art!

Very beautiful colorful Lion :)

Thats pretty amazing talent you have!

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Hi. Upvoted and followed. Nice work :)

Went through your art, very underrated here on Steemit. Beautiful style

wow amazing 😍👍🏻

upvoted and followed.

You are very talented! keep up the good work!