Dark Moon - Inked

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I made this drawing a while ago, when I just started to discover how to use pencils for drawing by tilting the tip and it was an interesting exercise, and I certainly was very entertained at the time, but when I was tidying up a few days ago, I came upon the same piece and boy, it really showed how scratchy and inexperienced I am with drawing with tilted pencil XD

I mean I still think it captured the character well, and certainly... there's something loose and expressive about the pencil strokes, but I can't lie, it made me itch to tighten it up hahahaha.... so i took it to digital inking :)

Here was the final version of the pencil piece:

I used my double ended pencil for this one, which was great, cuz one end was perfect for tilted angle and the other one was sharpened so that I could use it normally, for drawing with the tip of the pencil. I don't know where that small double-ended pencil is though :(

For the step by step, please check out the original post: Dark Moon.

And here is her, tidied up and inked digitally :D

I really need to figure out how to do highlights on real media... hmmm. I've seen other artists able to place finely defined highlights even on paper, so there must be tutorials on that somewhere, hahaha :D

As for the woman's story, she's a cursed character :( Poor woman. I haven't decided on a name yet, but her story is that she is compelled to murder a random person once a year, on a night of a full moon, by pushing them off a cliff. Her victims would struggle but when she's in her trance, she possesses superhuman strength. She would drag 'em, despite them clawing and fighting against her desperately, and then she would fling them into their doom, crashing against the jagged rocks below the cliff.

Will she be able to break the curse??? Why was she cursed???

Hmm. HMM.

One day, I will sit down and write the story properly! For now, it is past 11 in the evening for me, and a spider is very tired and getting incredibly sleepy zzzzzzzzz

Good night, everyone o/

copyright @veryspider. all rights reserved.

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Great draw and great progress too ^^
i'm glad to see you have improved very well in your draws.

also, though she is on a trance, her expression also show some sadness :(
poor people and poor woman. I wonder if she is able to remember when she murders a person .-.


Thank you, danya <3 She is a tragic character :(

Ohh yeah I remember this one. Even at that time I find her story pretty compelling, so you should definitely write it down one of these days, spider ^_^.          
On the current version, I can see better highlights and shadows on the picture, especially on the water and the sky, so I definitely think that you have improved the picture by inking it :D          
Good job :).          


Thank you, @scrawly ! I am glad you remembered her :)

i really really love this <3

wow her face on the other hand looks really innocent


She doesn't realize what she's doing, that's why !! aaah!

She seems to hide a secret hahaha !! The final result is very beautiful :-*


Thank you @paokarinat :D She does have a terrible secret !!

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She looks so lovely, but has a very fierce gaze! :D The story fits her very well hehe :S

I remember when you initially posted this, really glad to see it inked now, she stands out so much more now ^-^

The white little details are really cool, I was looking for a pen like that now I want it even more :D


Yes, you and me both, kristy ! I wish I have a pen that can do highlights in real also ! :D


Haha you got me xD I should try some digital highlights haha. But yeah you definitely can do real highlights but the pens are hard to find.

💕💕😍The best thing about steemit is to enjoy your art .😍💕💕

There's a lot I want to say, but my English really is not very good. :c


That is very true, @marysc :) It is important to enjoy your creativity ! :D

Your english comes across really good to me <3

As always, you drop it as it is hot.

That's it. The more we draw as time goes on, the better we become and when we look back to our former drawings, we realized how naive and inexperience we were.


Yeah! That is very true :D I sometimes look back at my older arts and feel the urge to touch them up with my current skill levels, hahaha :D


Lol...just lets it be so that you can laugh at yourself and remember when you were still an amateur. It's always nice.

She is so sad but lovely


Thank you, @zpzn !!!

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beautiful drawing @veryspider <3


Thank you, @li-art <3

i like your style @veryspider , :) nice work

A beautiful drawing that I like it <3


Thank you, @napa !!!

I love how moody this is and I always relate to a female form in a long gown on the seashore, it just fits me to a tee, so I'm even more enamored of this one. :)


Aaah thank you so much, donna <3

Love the artwork, and the story! Very moody and dark :-)


Thank you! Hahaha, I usually make brighter topics, but sometimes the dark topics are very alluring, also...