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Smol pencil LIVES !!! IT IS ALIVE !!! A L I V E !!!!

Yeah, so, I managed to find my small pencil and I was like OMG and then I attacked the nearest paper straight away, and drew this person waiting for her bird messenger to come and deliver her the news. She looks kinda nonchalant about it, so I am thinking she's probably not expecting any bad news.


Pencil was actually just fell off my desk, so I should look at the back of my desk the next time it went missing... Hahaha~

You know, I can't draw the tilted pencil style with the proper size pencil cuz the pencil's length is bothering how I grasp near the tip of the pencil to tilt it, but with the small one, I can draw the tilt style. With the big one, I can only draw with the pointed tip, not with the sides of it, you see?

So, I think various things have various benefits :D

Step by Step

Step 1: Face

Step 2: Head

Step 3: Torso

Step 4: Legs and arm(s)

Step 5: Clouds and bird messenger, and outlined thingies, and DONE!!! :D

I kinda forgot I wanted to do tilt pencilling half way to be honest, and switched to pointy end penciling ... XD;

Pretty sure the bird messenger's message tube isn't supposed to look like that, or to be that big. I've seen in movies and games like Assassin's Creed that it's a super tiny tube attached to one of the bird's leg and you have to write in super tiny hand writing and it is then rolled super tightly into the tube.

Or maybe it's just wound around the birdy's leg/claw. But I'm like, ... I wanna make it visible that the bird is carrying sommit for the girl character, so I made it big!


Anyway, today was raining and raining and cold and horrible, so imma chill out for a bit and just enjoy blankie :D I love rains when Im indoors, all dry and warm and snuggled up :D

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Very nice @veryspider :) I'm diggin the strokes on her dress and hair, nice and flowy, but still descriptive.

thank you so much @midlet <3 <3 <3 made me all happies <3 <3 <3



Ahhh I like her head tilt a lot, somehow it makes her feel like a lady from Greek Mythology to my brain, I'm not sure why, but it's a good thing ^^.          
Your sketch works have always looked so good, it's so fetching even if you don't work on it further.          
Good job spideroo <3.          

i was actually wanting to draw the wife of a character from the roman time but then i was like, hmmm not sure if i nailed this... but i guess i kinda did nailed the mythology vibes ! YAY!

thank you scrawly <3

Looking gorgeous.

Damn! drawing with pencil can be so disgusting and tiresome. I wonder how you coped with it.

Thank you :> You also draw with pencils, dont you??? I think you cope well :O

Lol...not with that tiny ant. I will feel very uncomfortable.

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Nice drawing @veryspider <3
mine is ALIVE too. but yours is more ALIVE hahahaa

hahaha we are league of small pencil users :D

haha yes :)))) <3


Thank you! :D

She looks very lovely @veryspider <3 <3 <3 and that fabric render tho, very nice!!

as long as the pencil has a lead it is still alive!!!

Thanks, @adelair !! And yes, as long as the pencil has a lead !!! THAT IS RIGHT !!! XD

Veryspidery nice drawing! I thought I was looking at a picture of an illustration from a page of some book.

I have a collection of Staedtler stubs that are really old. They're all remnants from my days in traditional animation (1998 to 2003), and I have more than a dozen of them.

They're more precious than any new pencil I have, as each stubby has a rich history in them. All of these pencils were used on all of the animated cartoon TV series I worked on at the time.

Ah ! you are also one that appreciate pencil stubs !! yes yes, i think you are right, each of them has done us a great service and that's why i feel for them very much myself....

thank you for wonderful comment <3

She’s so beautiful, and i love this <3

Thank you @haiyentree, you are always so sweet <3 <3 <3

She is pretty. I like the drapery and how it fold around her legs. Also damn that's a small pencil :D I usually throw them away before they get so small. lol

Thanks, halzie <3 Hahahah yeah i dont throw them away when I can still use them :D They will have to reach a stage where I physically can't sharpen them before I throw them away lol

You do love the small pencil, the 'nubbin I'd call it.

That drapery is GORGEOUS! I love drapery and fabric and you have such a touch with it.

THE NUBBIN! yes i love the nubbins :D

thank you so much for being kind, donna <3

I love your pencil sketches very much ^_^ This is lovely. You have beautiful details and I love the personality that comes across as she tilts her head. Well done!

Thank you, Ciel <3 You are always super nice * ___ *

I missed a good bunch of your posts, Spidey ! All of them would have desserved a comment ;)
I love this one : that's a great posture you gave the character. Very natural, and so is the cloth's drape : giving movement to the whole picture.
I love the way her eyes lead us to the bird, too : personality and a bit more movement given to the static scene...

Behind the scenes, there's a very good overall construction on this drawing :)

Very nice :)
Oh ! And... May the dwarf pencil have a life as long as its size is short !


where have you been !!! i miss your posts so much !!!

thank you for such a thoughtful and wonderful comment * ___ * aaaaaah, i appreciate it heaps and heaps !!! <3

You're welcome :D
Holidays made it hard to keep posting, and then, well... getting back to work does kind of a similar effect right now ;D
I have nothing really interesting to share for the moment, but I'm working on it :)

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Maybe there's no bad news or she's waiting on a love letter or she's just really good at playing poker XD

I love the clothy folds, I really need to learn how to do loose flowy cloth like that, how you do it is so nice XD

On the message tubes well I guess when they're above a certain size they might be too heavy/unwieldy for the bird to carry and also give people an excuse to shoot them down if they don't want any messages going through (poor birds!). I think they can carry them on their backs as well as in tubes attached to their legs :) For purposes of the pic well call it artistic license ;D

thank you ryry ! artistic licence ! YES THAT IS IT ! GENIUS RY <3

Cool adrawing, man ))

Thank you, @moraru.bogdan !!! I love your stuff so much !