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‪Rael Kertia is a vampire assassin ninja. Unfortunately, the character is not as cool as all that. When he was first introduced, Rael was a brat and he was pretty much overshadowed by his strong and silent big brother. Thankfully he matures up somewhat during the comic run. He’s no longer bratty but he’s kinda bland now. Visual wise, I always find dagger users appealing and that’s why I drew him :).‬
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Noblesse – Rael Kertia
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Noblesse is copyrighted by Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee. Fanart made by @scrawly.‬
‪All Rights Reserved

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‪Rael is a character from the free online manhwa called Noblesse. The manhwa is completed now after 12 glorious years in the making so if you have a few weeks to binge, go read it here. It has a lot of fighting, a few funny moments, and loads of good looking people. All in full colours.‬
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Drawing step by step


My Steemit Journey

‪I draw with Wacom Intuos and Adobe Photoshop. I joined this website to share my art journey and to improve my skills. I’m also here to meet nice and chatty people, especially if they're passionate about art. Follow me if you want to be a part of my adventure, or say hi to me on popular Steemit discord servers, I frequent most of them.‬
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‪I am a curator for Curie, C-Squared, nTopaz, and a moderator in Steem Artists. If you are an artist, join us at Steem Artists discord channel here: https://discord.gg/ENN8KCb :).‬
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‪See you around ♪‬


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He looks so dynamic and determined, a dangerous guy with a cute face. I love such contrasts so much and your artworks always contain one @scrawly:)


Hehe it’s fun for me to draw cute characters, I’m glad you like them as well.
Thanks George :).

Fascinating, I'll look up this publication since my alter ego share the same traits.


He comes from a family of vampire ninja asassins, I bet you would make good friends with them :).


Would be productive to compare notes, share some tea, and talk a little shop with someone else in the trade.

A vampire assassin ninja, eh? Remind me not to make enemies with that kind of person. 😂

Nice drawing, @scrawly!



Yeah, that’s probably the wise thing to do, but it’s kinda fun to tease them also.

He looks like he’s ready to combat someone. Nice work Scrawly. :)

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I was practicing a combat pose in this one, they’re still hard to do for me.
Thank you Blue :).


You're welcome! And yeah, I would imagine it is a challenge because of the perspective view of the pose. X3

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I think this character could be great in my Dungens&Dragons campaign. I really like vampires and assassins too.
Congratulations for your artwork and thank you to share this content with us😊👍
Steem on!

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Yeah, I always like dagger type character in D&D. It's great that you're having a D&D campaign, is it online or with real board and dice?
Thank you :).


Yes, that it is awesome and strange at the same time, because here in Italy D&D is not so famous.
We play with a real board and dice, because we are old friends and we love this way to play. Are you a D&D player or only a portrait painter?

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I know D&D from playing computer roleplaying games. They're my favourite genre, especially if they have local coop. It's a blast to play :D.

Woow! This art is so cool.
I love this Ninja!!


He's quite a tsundere, I wonder if you like this type? XD XD
Thank you koto-san :).

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