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O M G it is rai~



takes takes


Love the brush strokes, @scrawly <3 and I think you captured his expression well, he's got that look as if he's just coming out of an idle thought, and then suddenly he's looking at you with polite and elegant interest in what you are saying, kind of look.... * ___ *

i love him~ love this one so much omg <3

the hair is so lovely also and i love all that red <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Hahaha, actually I was trying to capture his serenity when he's in battle. He rarely looks perturbed even when people are attacking him, not sure if I manage to capture that.

Anyway I'm glad that you like him ^_^.

Dude, you are just way too good for my liking... You are too good that you make me feel Untalented... Nice one man...

Nooooo, don't be crazy like that lol. But I understand your feelings too, when I look at some art, I get the same feeling. What we can do is just keep drawing and we will improve lots and lots and one day maybe we can be as good as these talented artists :D.

Thank you.

Maybe we are just special in different ways... When it comes to hand drawing, we are not age mates... xD

This looks superb @scrawly <3 <3 <3 another awesome brush works there! I love it XD I just started reading Noblesse, well I am still long way to go XD

Enjoy the manhwa Adelair, it's really fun especially when the battle starts. Then I would spend hours reading it, a lot more time than what I intended anyway XD.

Thank you.

its great! but why I see sadness in his face.. :(

He has that expression often on his face, I am not sure why but he does look sad often ^^;.

Thank you, my dear :).

I love him because of this sadness...
resteemed 👌

Ahhh you like these types of people, you have a tender heart, zpzn-chan <3.

:) <3
and what is the meaning of chan in zpzn-chan! 😎

It's a Japanese suffix, usually use for people the speaker finds endearing or cute ^^.

Oh! ok dear scrawly-chan ;)

I think the reason he acts that way is because even in the world of nobles he is still way above the others, making him an existence that others can only revere. Another thing is that it would be bad for him to grow attached to anyone since they will all end up dying before him. Long story short his duty as the noblesse made him sort emotionless I guess. Good thing the kids treat him normally.

Btw it was a good work and you nailed his disposition well.

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Yes, I think he takes his job too seriously. It's good now that he can live sort of a normal life as a high school student, but I still think he should be more friendly to people around him, even if they might die earlier, it will still be hundreds of years of good friendship and fun. Maybe he really has a reserved personality, which I can understand well hahaha.

Thank you for giving such a great and thorough comment :D.

Well guess that's just how he is but at least he's got to eat ramen and play online games so his life may have become livelier now, though he is not good at expressing it lol.

Just glad to see a noblesse fan here, finding an anime fan is hard enough so finding someone that reads the same stuff is a great find.

It is so funny whenever Rai is having problem with modern living. I was cackling when he couldn't even open the door or windows to get out of the house.

And I feel the same as well. It's great to find another Noblesse fans, I think there are not many of us around ^^.

Wowoowowowowo that looks soooo cool
I really like the blood effect its so flowy and sooo bloody owo

That sounds really psychopathic LOL. Great art and great job scrawly senpai ^w^

Hehehe it's okay to be a bit psycho sounding, at least I think it is, because sometimes I sound really bad too in my posts and comments. Thank you maya :D.

haha, @veryspider. I think she likes this one. Nice work @scrawly!

Yep, spider is a big Noblesse's fan, which is good because there are not many of us around XD.

Thank you :).

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Again, don't know the character, but still love the art :) I like the swril of red and his collared jacket looks like he is a Renaissance Prince.

Ahhh you described him pretty well even if you don't know him, Donna. I am impressed!

Thank you for your comment, it cheers me up ^_^.

((.)ω(.)) nice artwork! I've sent you a gift from @planetslothicorn! thanks for sharing your work in the #slothicorn tag!

Slothichan! You are too kind.
Please you must take care of yourself first before giving me anything <3.

((.)ω(.)) <3 <3 <3 Thank you! I made a special post about your artwork here: . I'll be sure to put the STEEM to good use! x3

Red and black and vampires...oh yes... I like that!!!!!

Ahhh I know you like vampires, you have a good taste, my dear Maysi XD.

Thank you, and go check Discord from time to time if you have time ^^.

Oh yes, yes, I do love them! :-)))

I went to discord a view times but it´s still a bit confusing for me blushing

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Hey @scrawly, nice drawing of Raizel, man... this takes me back to my university days when I started reading Noblesse... I remember being really suprised when I saw that a manwha was the most popular comic in a manga site (mangafox BTW). Great art and totally unrelated, but if you want to add even more discord servers to that list, you can add a server we created for anime & manga fans: I suck at drawing, like... REALLY suck at drawing, but I'm passionate and can talk about many of them :D

Ohhh yea, that's right. Noblesse is a pretty old manhwa but I just found it a few weeks ago XD.

Thank you and see you around :).

Amazing Raizel. Love the black with red.

Yes , black and red made it more great 👌

Black and red are his colours since he either wears white or black clothing, and the red is because he's an expert at blood magic.

Thank you ^_^.

Thank you, I'm glad you like him :D.

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