A Special Curation! Plus 5/50,000 STEEM already earned!

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Hello Slothicorns!

Last week, I was scrolling through the #slothicorn tag and I was re-inspired by everyone making beautiful art. That's something I really love about working on the Slothicorn project: I get to spend time soaking up everyone's amazing creativity, getting inspired, and then creating myself. I felt filled up despite the long road ahead of us. And in that moment, I realized that while I think the goal of getting us back to daily art curation with 50,000 STEEM is so important, what's also really important is that Slothicorn supports artists whenever it can.

We don't need a ton of STEEM to support artists every day. Just a little bit can help! So, as we earn, we're also going to be giving out STEEM to artists using the #slothicorn tag. It's important to think beyond just this little @planetslothicorn account so that we can thrive! So I went to my personal account @justatouchfey and sent 2 STEEM to this one, one to bring the SP to 4 out of 50,000 and bring us closer to our goal. But the other 1 STEEM I wanted to give to an artist!

So, because of that, I'm really pleased to share with you our first special daily curation!

Noblesse - Cadis Etrama Di Raizel

I always love the colours black, white, and red together and have been enjoying getting to know this series through the artwork. I loved this piece in particular because this is a very dangerous person it seems... His body is relaxed but his eyes are intense and I feel like I don't know what lies beneath. Well done!

As our first special curation, @planetslothicorn sent 1 STEEM to @scrawly. But @scrawly is so kind it was sent it back so that @planetslothicorn could grow! Thank you @scrawly! So it was added to the VP and we are now at 5/50,000! We're going to grow so fast!

So as @planetslothicorn grows, we're going to earn STEEM towards restoring daily art curation but we'll also do our best to show appreciation to the artists using the #slothicorn tag every day even if it's just a little bit! Let's keep growing together!

Don't forget to follow @planetslothicorn to get updates!!

We're at 5/50,000 STEEM towards our goal of restoring daily art curation!
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I'm officially delegating to @planetslothicorn Depending on how the project goes, I will upload my delegation

Aww, thank you very much! :)

Keep growing, slothicorn, one day you will be a HUGE sloth :D.

Hehe :3 <3 <3 <3

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