Little Santa

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Since she was very little, she had been infatuated with the idea of Santa Claus, giver of presents. She really liked the thought of good people being rewarded, though she disagreed that Santa should only come at the end of the year. She thought Santa should come whenever they could, so the children can be happy all year round, and not wait until December for their presents.

This girl came from a well to do family and when she told her wishes to her parents, they felt very proud of her and supported it immediately. That’s why all year round, from time to time this little Santa was busy spreading presents to other children.

Little Santa
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Another watercolour practice, this time I want to create a more colourful piece with strong colours. Putting and blending the colours are still difficult and I make her arm a tad long here, oh well XD.

Drawing step by step

Status: New illustration


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Thank you <3.


Dziekuje!!!!~ <<<<3333

You are a little too early for Christmas this year :D but I understand that she believes it's good to give the presents anytime of the year and I agree with her! I wouldn't probably dress up like a Santa all the time but the idea is good :)

She has a lovely color of her hair, the highlights are very nice.

I would expect that she is happy to give presents so why does she look sad? :)

Have a lovely day scrawls :)


She's quite into theatrics so that's why the Santa costume. Though maybe she'll change her mind quick when it comes to summer.
As to why she looks so sad, that's just the artist's inability to convey expression properly hehe.
Thank you delish :).


Hahaha, I didn't mean it like this ;) I thought there was a reason behind.. so what was the expression supposed to be? I might just got it wrong :)


It's okay, you didn't mean anything bad about it. She's supposed to have a content smile :).

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Thank you c-squared.

You leveling up at an alarming pace! There's like a lot of control of the acuarelas in this one... Nice catcho!


Hey thank you, znkd! Your comments are delightful like chocolate, I shall attempt to get more of this sweet stuff :D.

she's so adorbs :D i love that she gets such a kick from giving to others ! what a cool character :D she must be enjoying the colder months a lot since she can dress up as her favourite person, Santa ! XD

I like the way you create highlights/shine on her hair and the decoration on the present's wrapping is super cute <3 and bows! ribbons and bows! you have such a thing for 'em, scrawly XD very charming * ___ *

the shading on the arm/hand and face is also nicely done ! you're doing wonderfully with watercolours hey!!!!



I'm always drawn to kind hearted people, though fiction wise, it's the other way around usually hahaha. Being kind in stories are easy, but in real, it takes a great person to be more than others, more effort in caring for others, more giving, willing to do more things that most people are weary and apathetic to do, etc etc.
I am so fortunate that I know a lot of great people around me so I can always look up to them and keep on improving myself to become more like them ^_^.          
And yes! Go back to watercolour... or else...

I know we're in different time zones but please relax a bit, Christmas is still a long time away. 😊


But in Australia, winter is coming soon in 2 months or so.
Though we still celebrate Santa in December, yes, in the middle of very hot summer XD.


Ihihih. Right now, I'm in Austria, not Australia. Only two letters away. 😂

There needs to be more people like Little Santa 😄

Hair turned out remarkably well 😄 something with the face, maybe needed more shading around the eyes so they looked like there were orbits? Still some lovely shading work all around 🙃

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Yeah, the face is still particularly hard for me to paint properly without making so much mess hehehe. When it's digital, I could always erase stuff that don't look good but it's a one and done in watercolour. I know some people can fix their mistakes in watercolour but for me, if I try fixing something, it's like scratching a scab wound, getting worse everytime XD.
The good thing is I'm learning stuff :D.          
Thank you for the obsevation, fyn, appreciate it as always ^_^.

Shading and blending :) Wait for first layer to dry basic color , than add darker tone for shading and start from edges, from darkest part, and than try to add more water as you go down* like melting*. I hope you will understand written, I am much better with painting than with words :)


Ohhh I am so lucky to get a tip from you <3.
I will try to apply it, thank you very much Dunja ^_^.
Though sometimes the paper disagrees with me if I introduce too much water. It is hard but quite fun :D.

It looks awesome! Oh, I'm sad I missed during my time off your first pieces in watercolor, this one is fantastic!


Oh how sweet of you Juan. You don't actually miss much, my first watercolour attempt was 9 days ago, this one here.
Thank you, I am fortunate that you show interest in my watercolour progress ^_^.


Just 9 days? That's an amazing progress scrawly, congrats!

What a cute story and cute girl :)


And I have a cute friend <3.

Oooohhh Scrawly :) This is such a cute story. do good is so good! I really like the fact that you master watercolor, I know how difficult it is and what fine work you need to do by painting with watercolor, you have done it! A beautiful girl with a mysterious look is very cool! Beautiful and soapy drawing, excellent color reproduction, it is worthy of respect! The kids will be happy to receive presents all year round from the little Santa, this is great! Thank you for your work and kindness, as well as for this interesting story about a little Santa who does good all year round. <3


What do you mean master watercolour?!! You silly adorable Saddie, I almost chortle out water when I read your too generous comment XD.
Thank you so much, know that your kindness and friendship and music motivate me to improve myself further as an artist ^_^.


My translator got it all wrong when he translated my message. I wanted to say that I am glad that you learn watercolor mastery. :)

I very like details! Amazing work!


Thank you for your kind comment, sweettais :).

The shading using the purple colors below her arm are really good. I am always afraid of applying such bold colors, because with water color there is no going back. No need for you to go back. Spot on! Giver her my address. I will put out cookies and coffee for her. She’ll probably need it.


She would love to visit you often because then she can play with your doggos XD.
I'm glad you like the bold colours and thank you for the kind comment, Brad :).


What is the size of this piece. Trying to gain a perspective on it. You are gaining a good understanding of layers I think.


About a photo size I think? Small papers :).

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Nice concept...looking forward to start telling my own story.


You definitely should! Most of the times, the artist's thoughts or a story will give more charm and personality to a drawing :).
Thank you.

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