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February is usually the month where things get very very hot in Australia, which must be the inverse for the rest of the world. This year, we’re facing a record breaking heat apparently. There was once when we almost reached 50 degree Celsius in this month, and at that time, I was staying in a place without an aircon. Ughh.‬
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Pocahontas is copyrighted by Walt Disney Pictures. Fanart made by @scrawly.‬
‪All Rights Reserved

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‪I always feel that Pocahontas is a character that symbolise summer so that’s why I gave this drawing additional redness to accentuate the heat of summer. I hope there won’t be any day above 40 degree though.‬
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Drawing step by step


My Steemit Journey

‪I draw with Wacom Intuos and Adobe Photoshop. I joined this website to share my art journey and to improve my skills. I’m also here to meet nice and chatty people, especially if they're passionate about art. Follow me if you want to be a part of my adventure, or say hi to me on popular Steemit discord servers, I frequent most of them.‬
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‪I am a curator for curie, c-squared, nTopaz, and a moderator in Steem Artists. If you are an artist, join us at Steem Artists discord channel here: https://discord.gg/ENN8KCb :).‬
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‪See you around ♪‬
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I wish I can do this right now. The water would be so lovely and refreshing :D.

Sorry can’t give gif reply, my internet is borked.


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Thank you.

50º C? Fifty !?!?!? What the hell?
So, you guys don't even need toasters anymore, right? Just leave the bread with the butter on the sidewalk... and it's done. You can even boil an egg, if you're into that.


Yep, they warn people not to leave kids and pets in the car because the worst might happen otherwise.

Beautiful art nouveau style.
I very Mucha appreciate it.


Thank you very Mucha! XD XD

(Sorry can’t think of wittier pun lol)

Love the Mucha inspired style mixed with the slightly anime eyes.


Yep, this combo is something that I will pursue more.

Thanks Winston :).

Really lovely drawing @scrawly. A colourful character in stories. Reading the 'true story' she certainly would have been living in the moment as her life was so intense.

Raining here now ~ So soothing. Hope you have a wonderfully cool week-end. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


It’s going to be hot all through the night... but thankfully there’s aircon here, so can’t complain too much.

If you can choose your life, would you want to live an exciting and dangerous one, or a life of peace and stability? I guess this is the Achilles’ question :).

I thought this looked liked Pocahontas from the thumbnail alone. You captured her impression right :D


Aaah I’m so glad you recognised it straight away.

Thanks adamada :).

I love how art nouveau this is. It is so lovely.

I can't believe how hot that is! Here it is very cold only 9 F (not celcious but F) so in C that's -12 C. I can't take the heat, though. Anything above 80 f or 26C is too hot for me.

Stay cool @scrawly


Yep 80F is my limit too, unfortunately that will be the lowest temperature for today x_x.

9F sounds crazy though, I’ve never experienced such coldness :o.


It's pretty cold. Most wouldn't like it. When I'm in UK in Winter I always laugh when people say, 'it's cold today' and it will be like 40 F I just laugh and say, "You don't know what cold is"... I miss UK Winter right now. :/

Sounds horrible. 50 deg C gotte be killer...

Also: love this one. Love it.



Yep the heat is a slog. So unmotivated to do anything these days.

Thanks Darren :).

You forgot to mention a appreciated steemian in your footer 😉 here february is with snow its -4 now and traffic is getting used to the weatherband delays.
But love february with Valentines day


Who did I forget to mention?

Yep there’s Valentine day but I’m wary of dentists. Too much chocolates can be a bad thing XD.


You could ADD “ appreciated steemian “ to your footer, its true.
And i HATE the dentist, i am so afraid and always crying when something needs to be done

Pocahontas in a Mucha style...😍
I also wish you a not to hot time, heat waves are a hard thing to manage 😉 Extreme heat at one side and extreme cold at the other....I feel extremely lucky for now at my place, where it is winter but like a "normal" winter..nothing to complain about, I love that !
Have a refreshind day !t4r88bqud7.png


Ooohh! You live in such a nice place, I know it must be so since there are adorable creatures and flying cakes and smiling houses at your place XD.

Thank you 😊.

I must admit that I like "colors of the wind" song very much 🎶


It is a great song, Disney is really good at making catchy songs :D.

Thank you znkd, I like your arts!


I like it more because of the lyrics I think, you know... the oneness with nature. Also when I was a kid I loved the lion king, I had a vhs that had a promo of pocahontas before the lion king, and it was this song. I saw that vhs many many many times hahah

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I love Pocahontas! Her being is of promise and peace. I see this in your creative representation. Very lovely 😊.

We may have seen 40C here. I don’t remember much hotter weather. It was a nice -12C last night as we were getting out of a concert. Brrrrrrr. And had to brush 3 inches of snow off the car before heading back home to shovel for dogs to go potty. I can’t wait for spring!


Ouch -12C is pretty cold. But it's great that you're still going to concert, I hope the performance is worth it?
And shoveling for doggos' poops.... that doesn't sound pleasant at all, no matter the weather lol.

beatifull <3 reesteem


Thank you Andrea :).

Lovely work!


Thank you :).