Noblesse is my 2nd favourite manhwa after Tower of God.
And that is soo cuteee :)

Thank you, sir pope of the whale ;).

Looove this! Cute!

Thank you :).

Ooh, damn I really like the way you drew her scythe! She looks so intimidating and badass!

It's not really apparent here (hauu) but I worked hard on the scythe. I am glad that you like it, thilah ^_^.

Thank you.

Geez Scrawly..think imma be camping here henceforth for this short stories

You can definitely camp here, make yourself comfortable, it's plenty of space (since there's no one else camping hahaha).

Thank you XD.

ahahhhh....okay Scrawly

I havent watch the movie but based on what you've written she's really a god-sent.

She is a kind person, yes. Thank you for giving me your continuous support, maxi, I appreciate it a lot :).

My pleasure.

She looks mean, fierce... but also extremely cute. I just want to pull those cheeks! Ah ah!

Hahaha I wonder if she would like that, she is quite a reserve person, but also pretty friendly.

Thanks again trin ^_^.

Oh ! Nice style, @scrawly :D Love the clean cel-style shading colour style ! It makes the figure more solid and present ! I really like how you shaded the calf of the leg she's leaning on, it makes her stance very grounded... <3

The hair and face and uniform are also shaded nicely, very polished and very anime style of colouring <3

Previous version had that pale cyan tint on the huge skelly, which made me paid more attention to it because of the brightness of the tint, but I like that you placed greyer tones on the skelly here cuz it makes the focus come to Seira much more :) Good tonal composition~

Nice update on this work, @scrawly !!! Love your stuff so much <3

You have such great and attentive eyes for details, spideroo, I certainly appreciate that someone takes the time to look at my art.

Thank you :).

I do love the chibis that continue trying to be fierce like their characters are supposed to be (I'm guessing from the face on this one though this is yet another thing I haven't seen yet). Think some dof on the background might have been an idea as for a moment I had trouble telling the skeleton ghost thing apart from the main character (was wondering if being a vampire one of her special powers was spectral skeleton arms, oh no wait they belong to the thing in the background XD). Thing in the background is also too cute to be scary XD

Nice shading work :) and yay for noticing improvements :D

Yes, the big skeleton in the background is an apparition that only appears when she uses her big attack, but spectral skeleton arms sound like an awesome technique that is probably new and yet unused :D. Maybe I will use it for one of my characters lol.

Thank you fyn ^_^.

AAAAA scrawly sempai, what a cute chibi!! :D the weapon looks so cool
I should read the manga to be honest since you love it so much XD

If you have time and like fighting manhwa, you definitely should. Unlike most mangas, Noblesse pages are all coloured and totally free to read :).

Thanks Maya.

The colour version really brings it to life! But even with red eyes and tough look; she still looks too cute to take her seriously. 'Ouch!' she just poked me with her weapon, ok I take it back, she is tough and scary; you don't want to mess with her.

I think you're too cute to be poked by a scythe, sojuchan... but if you somehow manage to anger her, just put soju as your cover and you'll be untouchable XD.

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