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RE: Sketches with coal. The best way to relax! My flowers

in #drawing4 years ago

Beautiful. I love more and more your art work.
That is fantastic way to relax and to be stress relieved.
I personally, apart from watching the sky and playing with the dogs, find very relaxing the walk in the forest. Especially the pine forest.


Thank you very much))) I am very glad you like it) You are absolutely right, walking in the forest is the awesome way to relax too! And our dogs the are the best anti-stress and the best friends )) What about your hobby?? I have never tried astrophotography, but think it also helps to relax, isn't it?

I have pretty stressful job and my hobby is helping me a lot to get away.
I am just waiting for the clear sky and I am out. :-) But as it looks like tonight will be cloudy,

My next painting will be for you;) the topic is cosmos 💫

Thank you, that is fantastic.

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