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Hello, friends! If you are following my blog you know that my love is acrylic painting)) But it is not very convenient to carry the heavy bag with paints and stuff all around. And sometimes it is so good just to relax...This moment I grab a coal and start making sketches. I will show you some of them)
The topic for today is flowers!

The bouquet of lilies

The rose


Sketching is one of the best ways for me to relax. What about you? Waiting for your comments :)


Beautiful. I love more and more your art work.
That is fantastic way to relax and to be stress relieved.
I personally, apart from watching the sky and playing with the dogs, find very relaxing the walk in the forest. Especially the pine forest.

Thank you very much))) I am very glad you like it) You are absolutely right, walking in the forest is the awesome way to relax too! And our dogs the are the best anti-stress and the best friends )) What about your hobby?? I have never tried astrophotography, but think it also helps to relax, isn't it?

I have pretty stressful job and my hobby is helping me a lot to get away.
I am just waiting for the clear sky and I am out. :-) But as it looks like tonight will be cloudy,

My next painting will be for you;) the topic is cosmos 💫

Thank you, that is fantastic.

I love the simplicity and detail in your drawing! Great job!

Thank you very much))) I am glad you like it)