🎨 Picture "Volga" ~ 圖片伏爾加河

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Honestly I do not like to work during the open-air with monochrome materials: pencil, charcoal, ink ... These art materials are good indoors. And when the colors of nature are raging around you can not keep yourself in the fetters of two colors. This is the same as keeping the young hot stallion in check, not allowing it to jerk forward. The meaning of the trip to nature is lost. Again ... ink and pencil require a lot of time. And its in the open air is very small: changing lighting, weather conditions.


紙板 氈尖筆

картон, фломастер

cardboard, felt-tip pen


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I really like drawing is my favorite pastime haha, it is very good for relaxing and still outdoors.
Very good!

This is an excellent work @mister-omortson.

Шта би тек било да си био добро расположен? :)

Может Ван Гог? :))))))

With both ears, I hope @mister-omortson :)))

Крутяк ваще! Особенно ствол у дерева, такая красота. А бумагу ты специально старил, или она сама такая? Мне очень нравится.

Картон старый

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