My Old Undertale Art (1/4)

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Hewwo everyone my old art is here. This was actually for a contest on Google Plus, the prizes is just to make it to be a community banner.

Ofcourse I join in because.. (Ehem free publicity on the Undertale community :P)

But for some reason the contest kept getting delayed and it never became a community banner (despite everyone voting for mine.. Like why)

This took like HOURSS more time than my normal ones, so I was kinda salty about it.. Because all I want is for my art to be a banner on that community and nothing else.. But meh whatever, atleast I tried to push my own limits with this contest. :(



Well.. I really like the lighting on this one, it feels very atmospheric and bright and colorful. How dark and miserable Chara looks like with how fun and bright Frisks side is with Sans and ofcourse papyrus. And flowey the flower ofcourse suffering his own karma.

Though I dont know whats going on with the title of UNDERTALE is kinda messed up like that..

Ohhhhhh now I know it's because there wasn't a border tool on ibispaint and I have to do the border manually.

I really like the grass on Floweys side and the snow is sooo PRETTY and the trees as well, I actually didn't know if I could make a good looking tree, but since its not really visible then I was glad.

One thing I didn't realize was Chara having individual teeth, like damn, my old self has given this a lot of details what the fricc.

I also kind of remembered not having alot of confidence for the hair of both of them, but I'm glad it all worked out and looks pretty nice in the end

Not so fun fact:

I used ibispaint and picsart for this art.

Anyways so I have made some progress on the storytime video thing I was talking about in the last post and my program crashed TWICE and I HAD TO RESTART OVER FOR 2 TIMES AAAAAAAA and plus the file didnt save anything GAAAAH I WAS RAGING grgwg1hwa.


Anyways thats all for today folks sorry if this is short because I didn't have any progress to show cuz this is like.. An art from 2 years ago. I haven't got much time to do stuff cuz I'm still making the video


maya525: never played undertale, makes undertale fan art...

Is Undertale a videogame?

yes... hahaha, Im just fooling maya around ,dont worry, were buds...

Eheehehh! I ain't worried.

youre a fakemon....

the banner? art design? i don't know how should i call it, looks pretty cool especially the left side with. I particularly like the blood tears from the eye!

So, they had a contest... you won, and there was no prize? What a bunch of [email protected][email protected]! Great artwork.The title's border looks cool like that. Don't stress about it!

PS: Is there any reason why you are not Powering Up your earned STEEM? Your vote could be worth the double... if you did that.

Sorry me asking. But there's a contest asking for new users and I thought of you... but they are looking for users who Power Up all of their earnings. :-/

Don't worry XD I don't like Undertale anymore so its okay yayayaya.

Hmmmm you are right. So theres more benefits to power up those things? And oooh whats the contest about AwA

Yes, of course there is. The more Steem Power you have, the more your vote is worth. With over 100 SP I think your vote will be worth $0.01. :-)

The contest is about finding new users to support. I've featured you in it, once. Remember?

OOOOH that so I guess I have to find more users? Uhhhh I guess I could always power up my steem. I guess I could always power it down uhhhhh the se choicesss XD

Hi maya525!

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Also, feel free to join our community on Discord!

I like it, @maya525 and i think it works well as a banner so it isn't shocking to see them using it as community banner :D

the contrast between the two sides is done well, and like you, i like the lighting a lot ! :D

Thankyou so much spideroooni ❤❤👌👌 I likey dikey it myself YAYAYAYYA

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Awww too bad nothing happened even though you are the clear favourite, Maya-san. I hope it's not such a bad experience because at least you get to keep the lovely art ^_^.
I don't play the game so I don't know the symbolism but I like that there seems to be a story in this picture :).

Dont worry scrawly senpai! Learnt to forgive and forget XD.

Theres not really much symbolism, its just 2 sides of the coin.