Fireflies (contest art)

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Hello steemers stammers... Or was that steemians..

Today I am joining a contest from @sndbox (yes I'm still making the video this is just a little break! And I'm working on @/futurethinkers 5 steem challenge hopefully I get it out soon though cri)

I am happy that you are patient right now cuz everything seemed to be off course because of me making the video, aghhh, I don't know how to animate, and I keep replying late for the commentss and not look at my feed, I guess I do but y'knoowwwww ;-; anyways-

I was met with the contest drawing someone elses story, with 5 different stories to pick and I discovered @katarina-ariel's story of fireflies, not only that she also brought upon a song.

Also the fact that it's kinda more shorter and I really don't like to read and I like fireflies and would like to draw it.

Check her post out, very interesting

The way they describe it is like I feel like in some space-y out of thos world type of deal y'know maybe its something familiar like.. Fireflies from owl city vibes, but ey I like it, short and simple and ... S Y M B O L I S M.


First of all the most predictable the simplest thing that an artist could do.. Is.. SKETCHING THATS RIGHT WOW SKETCHING IS SO GREAT I LOVE SKETCHING REEEEEEEEEEEE.

And then finally I drew down that thingy magiger yknow the island or whatever it is shes sitting on and just look at the endless abyss of white.

Ofcourse I try to imagine the colors so I dunno just messing around.

"Oh my god maya what the fuck did you do" you say as youre suprised by the instant change.

Well I'm glad you asked since its just the sky with the bucket tool. And some blending layers for the uh.. Silhouette.

Now as I drew this I thought of a lake maybe for the bottom part, but as I was on.. ART WEED my inner doubts is like

"hey you piece of shit.. What if its like yknow, maybe an earth something like you said out of this world"

And to that I say.. "Wow you're actually useful for once"

"I always have been you ungrateful bitch"

So yay that parts out of the way.

Now onto detailing with overpainting with layers.

Then just with blending layer and some effects with metal sheets and stuff..



I didnt know if I was going to make the girls face visible but I'm pretty sure people know that this looks like.. Hana from Ghost life.. (My webtoon comic series that only has... 2 episodes.. Sorry)

Anyways thats all for today, all of my magic, sorry this is short I hope its entertaining for ya and see ya next time.

By the way I hope I dont mess up in this contest aaaaa


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Lovely piece of art, Maya. I love how you start with such a crude sketch and end up with a masterpiece. Phenomenal! 😎

Lpfpfppf its how I always do, bullshitting your way out

You would not believe your eyes... IF 10 MILLION FIREFLIES/////NOOOO

Good luck for the contest Maya! It looks really pretty~

OU EJAHSJWHWHE YESS Thankyou so much thilah!!

You are always good when you create shiney in your art, Maya :).
Good luck with the contest ^_^.

Thankyou so much scrawly as always aaaaa you support me a lot I appreciate it very muchhh❤❤

Beautiful, it has a very fantasy vibe.

Thankyou celf!

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Love it @maya525!!! 🎨🎨🎨 🎉🎉🎉
👍👍👍 👏👏👏

Thankyou melooo!!!