Clowning Around (contest art)

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Hello everyone welcome to this beautiful creepy and uhhh.. Clowny I dunno lel.

This is an another art for @erodedthoughts contest, about clowns and scarecrows.

And what I made is my OC The Masked Guy, who is a clown who kidnaps children, his backstory is.. A secret heueh ;)

I'll talk about the animatic maybe.

But lets get into the progress!

1.) sketching and planning and you see that theres Alice Lavidir getting kidnapped.

2.) Lineart nothing to be said here just using pencil XD

3.) coloring the masked guy I didn't

  1. Background, coloring it all black

  1. Detailing it with overpainting,



Very interesting artwork. Thanks for sharing!

Thankyou trinn!! Sorry for the late reply :D

@maya525 your work is amazing, I love your style.

Thankyou sidekickmatt!! I'll improve more

Where the hell did the kid go?

Probably got molested- I MEAN- uHhH maybe she ran away O_O

I didnt taught those ideas ero, believe me...

lol, I believe you.........I

Fbi open up

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Hehehe definitely a creepy clown. He's definitely going to do some questionable stuff very soon, from the look of it.
Good luck with the contest, Maya-san! And happy birthday again ^_^.

Thanksss scrawly senpaii sorry for the late reply!!!

Looks like he's someone who's going to be up to no good !!!

Oh he definetly is not a good person... Sry for the late reply tho XD