Coloured pencil drawing : "Kumot"

in #drawinglast year


Yo yo yo yo yo!!!

Good day! Good day! Good day!

How are you pips!?

I missed steemit!

It's been a while and i missed spending time on this amazing platform. I was kinda busy and facing real shts in the real world so i was out for almost 4 months.

Well, im back and im gonna be here often. So stay stuned awesome pips!


Anyway, im gonna share my coloured pencil drawing and this is entitled:


Its actually a bisayan word (one of many languages here in Philippines), you can check it here. Kumot means grasp in english...


Kumot, 2019 on sterling sketchpad

And yeah, thats my heart. I was holding it firmly.


I've been into a lot of things for the past few months. A lot of things happened, regardless if it's good or bad.

I won't mention 'em but it was hard.

Really hard.

I've had depression, anxiety and i've been fixing myself my whole life.

I was in pain.

And i needed to heal.


Well after all this time, thank God! I was able to cope up and continue hustlin'

Now, i think that im okay.

Healin' slowly but surely

Let's get back to the track and let's get it on 2020!

Anyway, this is the process.




so... That's all for now.

Thanks for spending your time! See you around!


You really, really, really captured the blood and the heart and the hand well. I mean, really well. This is pretty cool. !DERANGED

Wishing you all the best in the future. :)

Thats my first attempt of kinda realistic colored pencil drawing haha anyway, thank you :D

Nice kaayo! It'll all pass, the pain. Not now but not sure aw haha. Okayness and retention this 2020 lezgo! Welcome back :)

Haha lage bro laban lang. Salamat haha


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you are not alone. I have been "fixing myself my whole life" too - and art has been a big part of that. It helps me to narrate my life and put it in perspective. Also it connects me to Source. Keep on keeping on. I don't think we are meant to fit into this "world" that man is creating. We are a part of Nature.

On point! Thanks man hehe hopefully you were able cope up. Cheers!

Sure... I get by well because I have a Spiritual Connection - I am actually a psychic artist now... years of doing art made me psychic so I live outside the normal world most people are stuck in...

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This is so amazing. The blood look really realistic. You're really talented person. Good luck!