¡Oh silly dog! [Pop Art] Step by step

in #drawing2 years ago (edited)


Hello everybody!!! This time i want to show you a little drawing to practice pop art which I think is gettin' cooler again!

I made outlines with Adobe Illustrator and I painted it with Adobe Photoshop.

Here I leave you a few pics that shows up the process:

    1. I made a little dog :)
    1. I bring him to life with a facial expression
    1. I give him a partner (called Mausy ;) )
    1. Then I made him appear in a story (Yeah I know I draw a tree but then I erase it a few minutes later)
    1. Use some of photoshop Magic tricks to color it xD

And thats all for now I hope you like it and support this random iniciative to express trough art! :D

Esta obra está bajo una Licencia Creative Commons Atribución 4.0 Internacional. Atribución CC BY @Jedamez


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