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in drawing •  10 months ago

"The universe is information and we are stationary in it, not three dimensional and not in space or time."

Philip K. Dick

all original ink drawings by helen bird art - sharpies, gel, metallics, neons on art card stock, scanned & uploaded, no digital manipulation is ever used in my process...

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Lovely! Everyone of your artworks is telling its own story. I see a story about gravity in this one. I like it a lot.


hey, thank you so much. Yes...gravity! I agree & appreciate your interpretation greatly. I have a stack of new ones awaiting upload (laptop's down :() & you're right they do each tell a story. Cheers ;')


You are a really hard worker! I am amazed you can make so much in this quality. I struggle with one work a day and sometimes am not able to produce because I am just empty.


awww..never give up! I have periods where nothing flows. those days can really get me down, so I understand the empty feeling. it's as though when I do have the creative flow I try to pack in as much as possible plus I don't sleep very well - hahahaha! thank you so much for all your support & kind words my dear. hang in there ;')