The street - step by step

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The street 10.jpg

To wish to all of you an happy new year, here is a new illustration for you all, for a good start of 2019 !
I just hope that 2019 will be a year of beauty and calm for everyone - the world needs beauty more than ever, I think. Take care, all of you !

So, now, the drawing ! This is a street, which will be not surprising for those who follow the story ^^
This time, the draft with pencil was quite challenging, because I mixed several different pictures for inspiration, and of course I need the result to be convincing and natural. And I have to follow the rules of perspective, but with enough liberty to get irregular walls, like a city that looks ancient schould have !
You can see a small cross on the middle of the drawing : that's my main vanishing point for perspective.

The street 1.jpg

The street 2.jpg
The street 3.jpg
The street 4.jpg
The street 5.jpg

Let's go for the color now ! Like always, starting with base colors, and then going into more and more precise shadowing.

The street 6.jpg
The street 7.jpg
The street 8.jpg
The street 9.jpg

The pavement of the ground, and some last shadows details, and it will be it !

The street 10.jpg

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What a lovely scene and so well caught. Did you have a model for this or did it come out of your imagination? I love your colors and detail that fades. I love how the cat blends and I think this would be a very pleasant place to live. What a wonderful scene to greet me this morning :)


Like I say in my post, I had several pictures for model that I mixed together to get what I need in my imagination. I always do that : I have something in mind, then I look for pictures to help me to make it real :)

Woooow this is so beautiful.
Did you use watercolor?


Yes, it's watercolors ^^


Hi thanks! I do art too :D you inspire me!
I hope I can make more art!

This is very pretty, Djac! And you are successful in delivering the picture that is bounded to perspective, but also managed to maintain the aesthetic of a beautiful street. The natural colours give it a homey and welcoming feel to the scene.
Congratulations for your curie vote. And happy new year :).


Frankly, I'm proud of this perspective, because some previous attempts of that were not so successful... like if everything was twisted :)
Thank you for curie vote :)

What an amazing drawing! Well done, @djacbaweur! :-)


thanks !

Oh, it is so light and so classic, beatiful work!


Thank you ^^

Wow, @djacbaweur, this is such a beautiful art work ! Every time you post your illustrations I feel so inspired to keep learning watercolours :D

I love the process presentation, each stage of the image shows how the artwork is coming together <3 Gorgeous perspective and detailing and I can absolutely feel like I can walk down this path...

A beautiful piece <3 <3 <3


Wooow, flood of compliments from @veryspider :D
Well, for watercolor... do it !!!!!!!

What a beautiful drawing and colouring of the street @djacbaweur! I love the stone or bricks pavement and walls details. It creates a very traditional and serene feel to the street, added with the trees and plants. I love the arches too. What did you use to colour?


I always use watercolors, because the feeling of coloring with it is amazing, and it's also so simple with almost no equipment !


Oo yes, I agree. Watercolors gives an amazing coloring feel. I love coloring with colour pencils too but watercolour gives a smoother effect, although the last time I coloured with watercolour was more than 10 years ago in school :) I hope this year, I can be inspired to do some watercolouring again. Thank you @djacbaweur!

your style is amazing! great skills of managing the light and colors, details well-finished, you feel that with one more step you can enter inside the drawing


That's great you feel that, because my purpose is to tell a story : so if you feel you can enter into the drawing, it means that you should enter into the story as well :)

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Once again, thanks for your support!

The street ended at someone else's door, dead end! And there's a tree growing out of someone's window on the right. 😃

Kidding aside, the drawing looks great with all the details you put in. You also have a good choice of colors. The setting look so ancient specially with the pavement that looks like cobble stones.

I wonder what the writing means on the entrance on the right side...

So beautiful, may I ask what kind of color do you use?

🎉 Congratulations @djacbaweur! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

I've also sponsored you to 1 @steembasicincome share as a small new year gift!