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in #drawing7 years ago

Day 14 of my 365 day learning to draw challenge. No real game plan today with my drawing so I just kind of drew whatever I felt like.


Played around drawing some forms, an eye, a face, and worked on some shading.

bodyinbeta steem sig.png


Have you always had an interest in drawing? I've always enjoyed drawing but have never been that good but still a fun thing to do and a way to burn off some stress.

Hello there. i scanned through your posts and i saw that you were very passionate about drawings. i have this post that might be helpful. i have learned something about your posts so i might as well be of help

just try to visit if you can :) no need for upvotes.

Im with you on this. Im doing the same thing, not countings the days, but you will see how better we get and faster than we think too (except for those mental blocks!). Keep it up!

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