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Is there any FAQ section? I'm still clueless. I need to get 10 DRAMAs first? Haha. I just skimmed through this so... Lol.


Yes this post has the most info.

To issue tokens you need 10 DRAMA.
To Transfer tokens you can send them to this account with the url in the memo. (you would need at least 1 DRAMA, and after you transfer it, you would no longer have it)

To earn DRAMA you can be dramatic, @whatsup is still handing out a few here and there for bringing dramatic posts to her attention

To buy or trade DRAMA you can go to..

you can come into SteemChat to ask questions

Thanks for the support and thinking I'm cute.


Maybe I'll join the contest and win but I don't want to get flagged by the whales. Lol. Hey I have some dramatic posts but nothing quite recently. Does that count? Hehe.

But wait, your SteemChat link is on Discord? I'll just ask on maybe. If I have more questions. :) I just like how cute dRama looks. ♥


Okay, you get one for thinking I'm cute...

bats eye lash


Awwww. Hahaha. ❤❤❤ Thank you.

You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Haha wonder when that'll be. 😆

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