Which Cryptocurrencies should be listed against STEEM and SBD on Swapsteem

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Which Cryptocurrencies should be listed against STEEM and SBD on Swapsteem

If you are not aware, Swapsteem is a peer to peer exchange for steem blockchain which uses steem escrow transactions for trading STEEM and SBD with different FIAT, CRYPO and STEEM-ENGINE Tokens without having to deposit funds to the exchange account. We currently have BTC and EOS pairs for both STEEM and SBD, but we are looking forward to add more Crypto Currencies to our alpha soon.

This poll is to ask the community over which crypto Currencies can be paired with STEEM.

  • LTC

  • ETH

  • BTS.assets

  • ADA

  • TRON

  • XRP

  • Others

Answer the question at dpoll.xyz.

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Voted for ETH.

I am still waiting on the Steem Pay debit card.. 💳

Voted for LTC,ETH.

Voted for LTC,ETH.

Voted for LTC,ETH,XRP.

The most frequent ones. The first 10 on the list of Coinmarketcap.com.

Voted for LTC,ETH,Others.

Main fiat pairs USD, GBP, EUR


Hello @stephen-somers, Thank you for your reply to the poll.
We still have to figure out details about the liscences required for these Fiat pairs to be able to operate in respective countries. We will set up a legal team before exchange launch and get all the necessary permissions before adding those currencies.
Be assured you can expect as much as 50+ FIAT pairs on Swapsteem.

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Ahh yes good old government licensing. The antipathy of the freedom loving crypto community.

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Voted for LTC,ETH.

Voted for LTC,ETH,BTS.assets.

Gridcoin, Bitshares, SMOKE, Whaleshares. 👍

Voted for LTC,ETH,BTS.assets,TRON,XRP,Others.

Dash and Waves

Voted for ETH.

Voted for Others.

I'd like to see privacy tokens like Monero, ZCash or CloakCoin

Voted for BTS.assets,ADA,TRON,Others.

EOS, Dash, Byteball

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ICON and WANCHAIN please. (beside ETH, NEO and EOS)