Which entry should win the "Let's make a collage #4" - contest?

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Which entry should win the "Let's make a collage #4" - contest?

Greetings Steemians

As announced, here is the shortlist with my favorite entries to my recent Let's make a collage #4-contest.

Please vote for the submission which you like most! Note that I will close the poll 24h after posting!

Thank you for your participation!

The Finalists (in chronological order of submission time):

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I like @rionegro the best!


Thank you so much.


Thanks for the info, I'll check this out!


I am glad you like it, @almi but if you want to support me please vote through the dpoll


I want to support you, but can't connect to dpoll, so vote doesn't register. You're going to take it, I'm sure. I did like some of the others, but yours was mesmerizing :)


Thank you for support! My opinion is that it's a great idea that community chose the winners on this way. Trough dpoll is more transparent but I understand that not everyone could managed to vote with app.


I am glad you like my work @faltermann but for supporting me, please vote through the dpoll. Thanks!


Thank you for pointing that out. I gave my vote.

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It´s so difficult to choose one collage! They are so crazy hahaah..
For me 1. place @georgeboya , 2. place @rionegro ! :))

Voted for @rionegro.

Crazy :-)

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Oha, ein schwieriges Unterfangen.
Die Qual der Wahl.
@tellurian besticht durch Witz und Einfachheit, daher mein Gewinner.

I vote for @rionegro - das ist wirklich kreativ!

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Ich würde auch @tellurian nehmen.

Everyone has made remarkable collage. I appreciate their work However, I like the work of @tellurian and @rionegro. I think @tellurian is the best.


I like how it sounds: tellurian is the best . :D
Thanks for supporting me!

Tellurian, although the other entries were clever!

Definitely @rionegro - Great job!


❤️❤️❤️ thank youu my friend

Great work, all! I voted for myself. Does that make me a bad person? Lol!

Congratulations @shaka! You've received the first place upvote this week :)

Thanks for participating in the Polling for Project Feedback contest! If you haven't already. Swing by our Discord and say hello https://discord.gg/MacHHF9

P.S: Regarding proxying the contest reward, sorry to say that it's not possible to do it at this time. I will give the collage winners a little boost with my tiny stake, though :)

Hey @shaka! You can create poll on discut.io. The most powerful platform!