Another year. Not just another birthday

in dpoll •  25 days ago

Friday, as everyone knows, sees me in the kitchen. Yesterday was no different. But it was. I had many happy interruptions which ended in a surprise garden party and picnic.

All the special people I'd have invited were and then some. I am one lucky woman.

Wishes came from all over the world including from my new Power House Creatives (aka @steemitbloggers) family on Steemit. If you have not votes for them please do. Here is the link.

#dpoll #PowerHouseCreatives #life #ulog #share2steem #friendship #mcgregorvillage #magicmcgregor #countryliving

There it is - until next time

Fiona The Sandbag House McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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Posted from Instagram via Share2Steem
Posted from Instagram via Share2Steem

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