Would you like to see my Witness running?

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Would you like to see my Witness running?

I'm thinking about this question a lot. Price for my server is over 150 STEEM and I must decide if it's worth to spend 100 STEEM just to keep my node running (I make ~50 SP per month).

Would you like to see my witness running or should I disable it?

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I also accept donations:

  • BTC - 3GmdCDyLYMhs7oCXAbB9QbmMtGxYQ6JapG
  • LTC - LhqVqynudqzQckW66twxu7XQatmPQDVnDx
  • DASH - XuyxQ941GBis2gPpKRrrqujwbkqDHGarAu
  • XMR - 84rHnnVdBmC7kyntMUMq5T6QTXZWQRgNF6ePNsyZwwBC2XYuHXurHiw8MwQb82YFr5EXetUixMrJr8dqHT1E6gTbDpvNp4c
  • ETH - 0xFAF08a9261f8d698834912972b0D96F1Fca35Ab7
  • DOGE - DC35V6fAmTHq8YzwK7hipg94w8dfKzr5L3
  • BCH ABC - bitcoincash:qq8qlk7v90put68ht8zehc50qc8jywd2rsm6qy5l6z
  • BCH SV - bitcoincash:qr5x37vsn78l855wr58tv9438qqpn07fws4g7jpu9e
  • PayPal - https://paypal.me/fbslo
  • STEEM & SBD - @fbslo

  • Disable your witness!

  • Pay for your server and keep it running!

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Voted for Pay for your server and keep it running!.

The selfish side of me do not want to see any witness disabling his/her node and that is why I chose to "Pay for your server and keep it running". However, reality sets in and if you have difficulty maintaining your server then please disable it.


I'm fully with @culgin on this one @fbslo

If you cannot afford and you're planning to give up because of current low STEEM price then indeed it's time to disable it.

ps. do you guys know how many servers are needed for Steemit to operate?


Voted for Pay for your server and keep it running!.

Voted for Pay for your server and keep it running!.

Voted for Disable your witness!.

Ha, that is a funny way to use dpoll :))
Let's see, where this one will be heading

Hope you will keep your server running, regardless how much you're earning @fbslo

At the end it would be shame if steemit would die and in those current days we all need to support each other. Or our efforts and time we've spent here will go 100% to waste.


Don't know if it was me i would have stopped by now p.s registering a mene account


Thank you!

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Anything i can do to support you i will ❤️

I choose other.

I think at the end of the day it is up to you and only you, it's your Steem, it's your Time.

There's things to consider such as:

  • Is 100 Steem a lot to you?
  • Will Steem still be decentralised and run without you?
  • Do you like doing it?
  • Is it worth your time?
  • Is the 100 Steem deficit stressing you out or harming your mental health?

Probably a million other things too.

No one can really answer that for you.

I know. I was just curious what do community and my voters think.

My personal feeling is, I don't want to lose any witnesses, unless they don't care for Steem.

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Voted for Pay for your server and keep it running!.

Voted for Pay for your server and keep it running!.

Voted for Pay for your server and keep it running!.

Voted for Pay for your server and keep it running!.

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