dPoll development update: A small step for the communities

in #dpolllast year (edited)

See it online at dpoll.xyz, and the source code at github repository.

Community Polls is a requested feature for a while. By saying Community Polls, I mean special polls targeted to a specific audience. We don't favor implementing off-chain rules. So, we allow any account to vote for any poll. There is no change on that, however, with communities module, we have new result filters that poll detail offers breakdown on communities.

Pilot experiment: @steemalliance

@steemalliance has a similar use case where they need to see their poll results only for whitelisted accounts. The communities feature is not open to everyone yet. I plan to expand with more communities soon. (@dolphincouncil is next).

That being said, if you have a community and need a similar voting tool, let me know so we can hook you up with a registered community at dPoll.

New result filters on poll detail page

Custom stake based voting view

@steemalliance also needed a custom stake based voting weight algorithm where they decrease the power of the top stakeholders.

It's basically same with the traditional stake-based weight except accounts having more than 500M VESTS (roughly 250k SP). You can find more details on this post.

Python implementation:

SA_STAKE_LIMIT = 500000000

def sa_stake_based_voting_point(vests):
    point = vests
    if vests > SA_STAKE_LIMIT:
        point = SA_STAKE_LIMIT * (
                math.log10(vests) - math.log10(SA_STAKE_LIMIT) + 1)

    return float(point)


  • The registered member list of steemalliance is not set on the dPoll yet. So, trying it with the current state may not mean much. Community owners are free to manage that list via dPoll interface.

  • Community management is not synced to blockchain at the moment. All data stored off-chain inside the dPoll's database. This will be handled in the next iteration along with better community management tools.

Pull Requests and Commits

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Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!

That's awesome @emrebeyler, this should really help the @dolphincouncil with keeping our development going and making sure there's a clear audit trail on chain of how decisions are made.

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you've done some great working preparing for the voting for the proposals @emrebeyler .. thank you

It’s a pleasure for me 🤘

That's a a very useful update for communities! When do you estimate to open up the new feature for any community?

We will see how this will work out with a couple of communities. However, If any community wants to be a part of the test group, I am happy to hook them up.

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