dPoll Weekly 49

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dPoll Report: Weekend Edition

Table of Contents

  • About dPoll
  • dPoll Witness
  • What happened on dPoll last week?
  • Our wonderful group of Sponsors

About dPoll

dPoll is a polling application on top of Steem. It utilizes an account based voting system and stores poll and voting data on the blockchain. You can find it at dPoll.io.

Here is a handy How-to for creating dPolls.

dPoll Witness

In a time where witnesses are shutting their servers because of economic reasons, dPoll is ready to support the Steem blockchain as a platform witness.

If you have a free spot in your witness list consider voting for @dpoll.witness via this handy link.


If you have any feedback, go to our issues page at Github, check out the source code at github repository. or drop by at our Discord server.

What happened on dPoll last week?

Downvotes have been around but Hard Fork 21 changed the perception drastically. @shaka wants to know what is keeping you from using it:

What keeps you from using your daily free downvotes?


@phctop3: "You scared, bro?"

Vote For Your Favourite Scary Characters!


@shaka also wanted to find interesting content to upvote and reward:

LMAC #28 - The Finalists! Vote for your favorite entry and help decide who the winners will be (100 SP to be awarded)!


@ehb545 found a way to get free EOS wallets:

Do you want a free EOS wallet ?

While many only claim to have read George Orwell's novel, most are probably somewhat familiar with the book - maybe. Good luck to @akdx for asking:

Do you feel that the basic elements of the novel '1984' are actually happening in the present world?


Were you aware that @glenalbrethsen is judging your appearance?

Observations In Fashion Trends: Colored Hair | Tattoos | Distressed Jeans



@bxlphabet shared another Steem trick disguised as a poll:

dPoll Are you using @steemexplorers to grow your STEEM blog?

@hatoto: "Do you even save, bro?"

What percentage of your net income do you invest monthly?


Our wonderful group of supporters

29 Sponsors are supporting dPoll with a total of 19062 SP in delegations.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors for their support of dPoll:

SponsorDelegation level [SP]
@utopian.pay, @favcau1'000
@ryanlj, @tolgahanuzun500
@techslut, @boontjie250
@espoem, @crokkon, @forykw, @isnochys, @axeman100
@mahsumakbas, @devann, @nerdtopiade, @akomoajong, @abbak7, @bluerobo, @akdx, @vimukthi, @d-zero50
@hatoto, @murattatar, @tdre, @mobi7225

Sponsors will receive a weekly reward for supporting the project. If you want to support the development and engagement on dPoll, you can delegate some Steem Power and instantly become a sponsor.

Vote for @dpoll.witness here

Join dPoll on Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/ZcV8SGr

If you want to support @dpoll.curation, you can also delegate Steem Power.
Steem connect links to delegate:

50SP | 100SP | 250SP | 500SP | 1000SP | 5000SP


Haha! Thank you so much for another mention, @dpoll.curation. I will not stop this idea. So many people who answer dPolls do not know of these opportunities and I am glad to help smaller blogs grow :)

Thanks a lot for featuring the @phctop3 contest this week! You're not scared to vote are you? 😉

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