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Okay... I have said a few times that I will not get angry too much about this new HF, downvotes and stuff, but I have done it again... When you feel injustice on your skin, your first reaction is defense... This time, it didn't happen to me, but anyway, I felt it like it is :)

I have watched the last The Noob Night Cryptocast show by @jongolson and @richardtaylor and everything was fine until they reached to the point where Jon is telling us that he has received downvote on his post about CTP updates... To promote his tribe and to keep us informed, he bought promotion from bid-bot and got automatic downvote as a punishment!

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Okay... Let's forget about it... I was going through good posts for curating and I have found great one about How to grow on STEEM with little or no SteemPower by @achim03... Really, really great post and I recommend it for everyone to read... Long story short, he GOT an upvote from @smartsteem (didn't pay for it, because they started with FREE MANUAL curation of good content on STEEM), and you can guess... He got a downvote for that?!

After both cases, the authors of the articles got an apology for "mistake" with downvote, but those downvotes are STILL THERE! Now more than 24 hours... C'mon guys... This is not a broken blockchain... If it is a mistake, make that one click and REMOVE that downvotes!

Okay... I get the thing with fighting against SPAM on the chain, and I get why they voted for bringing downvotes to Steem... And I get the point of more curation and rewarding others for hard work... Personally, I'm curating very much on our CTP tribe...

But please... I'm begging you, big guys... Don't be hypocrites... Don't call us to manually vote and do not promise that whales will start with manual curation after the fork... And the first thing that you do is SETUP AUTOMATIC DOWNVOTING for other's content...

I will not go deeper in the topic as I have already left a few long comments at those posts, but I just hope that some things will get more balanced here on the chain and that nobody will play GODS on the chain punishing people without a reason...


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This auto down vote is total BS anyone who uses such a program is worse than any spammer! Anyone or group that uses such a program is absolute scumbags and I do not care if they are whales or whatever they want to call themselves. When you have BS like that going on you now know why steem does not grow. Grow up if you want to down vote that is fine but have the guts to do it yourself! do not hide behind a bot!!!

I didn't even think about that sneaky aspect of downvote... Hiding behind the bot... You are right 100% with this Eric!

Fantastic post. It all makes sense to me. Keep up the great content.


Thank you for your comment... I will do my best to bring valuable content!
Have a great day!

People tend to forget that downvoting was possible before HF21. The only change is that now you have 2.5 free downvotes a day. The problem is that people now believe that they "have" to use them. It's even considered a big help to the community and it seems to be everybodys duty to use these downvotes...

Wonderful, now everybody plays judge and moral experts... In addition bots and whales are fighting downvote battles at the users expenses. One of my friends, @crypto.piotr wrote a post about the abuse of downvotes and guess what... his post was almost downvoted to zero even with more than 200 upvotes of real people... I promised myself one thing I will never use these blody downvotes. If I don't agree with something I can write a comment and the user can hear my point of view.

Being downvoted has a big moral impact on people even if they say that we shouldn't take it personally. I know a lot of people that after being downvoted simply quit steem... Is this really helping the community...

Thanks a lot for your post and your mention!

Best regards,

Being downvoted has a big moral impact on people even if they say that we shouldn't take it personally. I know a lot of people that after being downvoted simply quit steem... Is this really helping the community...

This is the most important aspect of a downvote! Especially when it comes to someone who just came on the platform and tries to make his way...

And that's why I found myself responsible to write a comment on yours and Jon's post just to show my respect and gratitude that you guys are doing for everyone on the chain... Just to make "balance" between right and wrong...

Thanks for your comment and just rock your way!

In the end oracle-d took the downvote away from my post. I think this shows backbone and I'm happy they did it. Hope this behaviour will disapear in the futre...

It's nice of them and I hope that this will not be too often seen...

It's really frustrating for everyone involved. Auto-voting can come in many aspects, even for legitimate voting from steemauto.

Personally, I read everything I vote on and wont' vote unless I have, and then try to leave a comment behind as well, even if it's a simple one. I'd like to think that people who down-vote would do the same thing to explain it.

Then again, I also want to ride a pegasus, so there's that. But yeah, autodownvoting seems to be an abuse.

I look at automatization in a different way... If I want to share my positive energy (in our case upvote) to a certain person I can do it automatically... I would rather do it like that than forget to do it at all...

But, if I have to criticize someone (in out case downvote), I will think about it a lot more before I did it... As you said, it can frustrate someone and I have to think about the consequences of that... Behind every post, every video, image is a person... and that person has its emotions, reasons for doing the post, or try to promote it... And that's the reason that it CAN'T be automatic...

Thank you for your comment!

This is excatly what i was fearing about when this hardfork was lauch, i mean this idea of downvoting. Quite all right, the downvoting will help in fighting the abuse on this platform but now it is really going to affect a lot of people who are innocent and something y
Should be done about it before it get too late.

Or what do you think

I will give it some time to settle down all this fuss... I hope that things will balance through time... On the other side, we have tribes for posting and curating also...

This just makes the tribes matter even more, and especially a tribe as CTPtalk, most Steem whales are not whales in CTP.

This will of course also mean a further move of Steem to just be what you need for RC and as the main trading pair in S-E, but what most Steemians and especially new ones will earn the most is in the tribes, and not to brag about CTP too much but it sure does give great rewards.

Thanks for a great post @ph1102, and stay awesome.

Totally agree with you... Steem will become something different and tribes will be a social part of it... I see it like that, but time will tell...


Thanks for telling us about this on PYPT, as the article you linked in your writing might be beneficial to many people! Kudos! 😊

Thank you for your comment!