Doodle Doodledayeo challenge -round 19

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Time to find the 3 words!

Continuing with our new twist on the Doodle Doodledayeo challenge, instead of giving out all 3 words in this post I am hiding the 3 words in my posts over a few days. Once you have collected all the 3 words create your doodle but don't give away what the 3 words are in your post, it is up to other people to work it out from your drawing or find the words for themselves. The deadline will be Monday 5th March. I have already made one post containing the first word for the round 19 challenge, see if you can find it!

The Doodle Doodledayeo challenge is about using your imagination and creating cool doodles. It's open to everyone of all skill levels and you can use any medium, style or technique you like. Use the #doodleon tag if you post your work, and to find the work of other doodlers too!

And let's not forget about the Doodle Doodledayeo chant... repeat after me:

Doodle Doodledayeo!

Doodle Doodledayeo!

Doodle Doodledayeo!


The words for Doodle Doodledayeo challenge round 18 were race, unicorn and unlucky. You can see a selection of these doodles in the post Results round 18 Doodle Doodledayeo, and the #doodleon tag.

If you make a post about your doodle make sure you tag it with #doodleon, and post the image and link below in the comments section. I'll share a selection of the images in the results post.

The deadline for this round is Monday 5th March 2018, at 11.59 pm UTC.

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Have a great day and Steem on!


Hello, here is my illustration for the #doodleon round-19
contest organized by @opheliafu

opfeliafu 19.jpg

logo peq.gif

Tick-tock, cool doodling!

Hello @Opheliafu, this is my entry this week and it is my third participation since I discovered your doodles and every week I encourage myself more!


A beautiful drawing, very nice work!

Thank you very much, your contests are great

Hola, aquí dejo mi entrada, espero contar con su apoyo

this is my collaboration to this contest I hope you like my creativity

Lovely details in your drawing.

Nice pattern in your design @elcoco

gracias por tu opinión

Nice and colourful! Great doodling.

I don't think he likes to get up THAT early, lol.

Hola queridos amigos esta es mi entrada gracias a @opheliafu por esta oportunidad, espero que les guste...

hi @opheliafu, here is my entry for this funny challenge :)

Sin título-2.jpg

Hola, es un dibujo a profundidad, muy hermoso para este concurso.

Sin título.png


This is my entrance to the competition. deverdad grateful one more time with @opheliafu that asses that we give the best and our imagination comes out! This is my scribble! I hope you like it. aprobecho to send greetings to all! blessings and esteemit for all!PhotoGrid_1520043618068.jpgPhotoGrid_1520043582372.jpgPhotoGrid_1520043796979.jpg
Hello partners. I'm here again I hope to see incredible jobs. I present my entry to the contest. I invite you to see the process of collaboration of my work and give me your opinion

Hi @opheliafu
My entry:My doodle

Hello everyone, saw a great challenge and a lot of great works moving around here so I decided I might jump in with my work! :)) let me know what you think about it!!!

Here is a link to my original post :

Hola @opheliafu aquí mi post de participación a tu encantador concurso.

Concurso Opheliafu.jpg

Hello! Here is my entry for this great contest, hope u like it!

hello, here is my entry for this contest, hope u lik it
FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Hola, @ophelia acá mi entrada espero de verdad que les guste

hola amigos todos les deseo mucha suerte.
Opheliafu Contest.jpg
dejo el enlace del post mi entrada

hello to all the participants especially to @opheliafu. this is my entry

I hope you like it.

greetings to all

Hola! esta es mi participación espero les guste

hi this is my tickethi this is my ticket


I love participating in competitions @opheliafu

I hope you like it

Desprtador Abrigador3.jpg

hola @opheliafu saludos aquí les traigo mi entrada, suerte para todos.

Buenas buenas! Les invito a pasar por mi post... con educación y todo xD en serio si quieren aprecien el dibujo que hice junto a mi amigo Harley feliz tarde a todos :3

hello, here is my entry for this nice contest, hope you like it!

hello @opheliafu. this is my entry. I hope you like it
albanis 017.jpg

Hello, @ opheliafu, entry into your contest I hope you like it

hola hola @opheliafu ... aqui te dejo mi entrada


Buenas buenas aquí les dejo mi entrada al concurso espero les guste..


hola amigos, aquí dejo mi entrada al concurso patrocinado por @opheliafu. Espero les guste.

Hello everyone!! Here my contribution for the Doodledayeo this week, I hope you like it ..


Here's my [email protected] opheliafu

You can visit my link here for the process and materials used thank you😊

Hello hello my appreciated @opheliafu, again I leave my scribble to participate in your contest! I hope it is to your liking, this time I thought a lot about the design, it was difficult and fun ajaja .. 2018-03-05 11.04.13 1.jpg

Oh, I just noticed that I never posted my doodle here, so I'll let it now

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hello to all the participants especially to @opheliafu
here this participation in this week's contest