Come and play Doodle Doodledayeo!

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Join in the doodle!


I woke up this morning and thought Sunday feels like a doodle day. A day to relax, chill out a little and take my imagination for a walk with a spot of doodling. I then thought it would be even better if some of my Steemian friends joined in too.
So I'm introducing a little drawing game I'd like to play with you called 'Doodle Doodledayeo'- I called it that because it's fun to say, try it! Now try it a few more times and faster...

Doodle Doodledayeo

Doodle Doodledayeo

Doodle Doodledayeo

Doodle Doodledayeo!

OK so let's get started on the game! I'll give you three words and you have until next Sunday to post your doodle below- you can make a post about it or not, it's up to you.
The game is about using your imagination and creating cool doodles. It's open to everyone of all skill levels. This isn't about creating a masterpiece but about sharing a little of your imagination on paper for others. Not that your doodle has to be on drawing paper, doodle on anything you like. If you are in a restaurant and feel the need to doodle a paper napkin may make a fantastic canvas! If you are sat struggling with the Sunday crossword maybe doodle over it. Just have fun and play with doodling.

The 3 words to inspire your doodle


To encourage new folks to join in too I'll give out a little prize to my favourite doodle of 10 SBD.

All you have to do is make a doodle inspired the words cat, balloon, and mouse. Post your picture in the comments section below before Sunday 15th October.

If you do make a post about your doodle include the tag #doodleon

Have fun, Steem on and Doodle on!


What fun! My good buddy @buckydurddle pointed this post out to me and I am really glad he did! I made a post out of my entry :)

I love that you have put the cat behind the balloon. Will the balloon pop- oh the suspense!

Well I did title the piece "Pop!" in my proper contest entry post... LOL

Yes i just visited that one- very cool that drew it on a post-it.

Whoa you're so talented!

Done with the doodle function in Notes on my iPhone!

cat balloon mouse steem.png

I honestly feel like cats WOULD look up hot air balloons if they had internet access, points for accuracy! ;)

Amazing, and what an imaginative take on those 3 words! The cat has so much character to it too.

Oh this piece made me smile! The expression on the cats face , those huge eyes and the look of confusion on the mouse... so wonderful!

ha ha.. glad you liked it! :)

You should put it into a post ;D

Oh ok!! I added in my comment the link of the post! :)) @opheliafu

The Mouse and Cat always play
When the humans are away

They hide and seek to each other,
But when they get tired they always end up eating together

Mouse became ambitious,
And unreasonably delirious

He escaped to wander
Riding a balloon without any ponder

Mouse nudge to the Cat
He said....

"You're too fat and trap. You will die inside that flat...."

But the Cat have shown no interest,
She knew from the beginning....
That the balloon will get bore
By the nest

Hello @opheliafu I had fun creating this doodle and poem. You could visit my post in this link.. Thanks!

I have and it was a pleasure- wonderful creativity :D

Oh that is wonderful @prostosun- thank you for joining in!


Lol! I attempted several tries at a balloon animal cat and it was NOT happening, props! Love this!

I suspect that mouse souffle may turn out a little rubbery!
Great imagination @danmaruschak!

Lol I attempted several tries at a balloon animal cat and it was NOT happening, props! Love this!

I made it
Dooodle Shoodle:P
i made hot air balloon in place of balloon because i more like hot air balloons and also add some mandala work in other cat..
I Hope you'll like my doodle drawing:D:)
wish to win...

That balloon is perfect. Do you think there may be a little mouse stowing away in there for a ride?

Hehehe you're right maybe that looks more perfect but 1 mouse is already half in cat mouth so that's why no one mouse have dare to come in that horrible place:D

I like your use of contrasting tones. Very nice! What is that naughty mouse up to? Oh no!

revengggeeeeee ;)

what a great idea @opheliafu

cat mouse balloon.jpg

the mouse agreed that it was a very good show and particularly enjoyed the bit at the end when the cat popped the balloon dog with it's extended claw !
Happy Birthday Dear Mouse with Love from Your Friend The Cat

A doodle and a show -superb! I like you imaginative take on this doodle challenge, thank you for sharing your creativity with us @outerground!

my pleasure. If I had more time, I could do a whole book on cat, balloon and mouse!


Yay! awesome

Great idea; thank you! I had a fun time doodling this up & , like @carlgnash, made a post about it. (

Awesome, thanks for playing the game @dillemma. i hope he didn't get carried away with it - meeow! ;D
Doodle officially doodled! Thanks for starting this great little game.... just realised I was supposed to tag it with #doodleon.... damn, guess I kind of screwed that up. Oh well ! Have fun doodlers :)

Love it! Well done @basilmarples this is such a fun doodle!

As you know, I don't draw well...

But I made a few balloon cat and mousies

And then I did this.

I'm SO proud of it I could burst :D

How wonderful! Beautiful details in the third one, though I am rather fond of that first doodle- i love the expressions on their faces and the emphasized curves

Thank you!

Well, you did say cats, mice and balloons... :)

I hope I'm not late to the party. ^.^
Here's a doodle from my post
Doodle cat ballon mouse small.jpg

Is that balloon Steem powered? It should go far... maybe to the moon.

Haha, yep :D

Fun post- so creative! I'm not sure the mouse is happy about this!

You're right, the mouse would rather be eating cheese.

Haha.. why not!

I'm going to have a go!

Yes! Get your doodle on :D

good post @opheliafu.
I think it's creative.
because one's creative can not be guessed by others. because the creative person could have a moncoret paper streak can be a painting that is so nice and beautiful. vice versa.
if a person is not creative, whatever is created / in painting no matter what he will not be a good painting.

I think we all have a creative side to us. Why not explore yours through a doodle?

Im totally in :) will post later...

Awesome, have a great day and doodle on!
Share it here when you are done!

Ok this sounds like fun. I am going to doodle. I've already got a cute idea for the sketch. Thanks, @opheliafu I'll make a new post with my doodle and tag it.
Have a great Sunday!

Looking forward to seeing it, and don't forget to share it here too

excellent work dear friend @opheliafu congratulations on this interesting initiative.
I think you will have great acceptance and great success.
thank you very much for encouraging the community to interact.
I wish you a beautiful Sunday

It will be fun to see what people come up with this week :D

looks interesting) I will try!

Fantastic, i look forward to it!

Really interesting things..keep it up

Thank you very much

Nice game to play on a Sunday, fun is good for the soul! thank you.

Yes it is! :D

Post by @sirpyatt with their wonderful Doodle Doodledayeo!

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Interesting..thanks for sharing


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that's not a doodle of a cat a balloon or a mouse ?

Good post

I feel like I pretty much have to participate haha, seeing these posts around is like thinking you heard your name said in a loud bar, and turning around to realize no one was calling you ;)


<3 Doodle Dayleeo ;)

..... doodledayeo
..... doodledayeo !

Lol I can hear the choruses now! ;)

Interesting concept, but how will benefit us minnows?

Follow me @Yehey, support the minnows.
Thank you.

To encourage new folks to join in too I'll give out a little prize to my favourite doodle of 10 SBD.

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very cool contest, @opheliafu

Thank you- anyone can have a go ;)

hello!! this is my entry... Balloon explosive... Balloon explosive

My brother used to call me Doodles....this sounds like fun...I will try:)

That is a cool name :D

I went nuts


An amazing imagination you posses @twirble!

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