Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan Live in Toronto

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Scratch that off my bucket list.

The Toronto Amphitheatre is a great downtown outdoor concert venue on the shore of lake Ontario. It's partially covered with lots seating with a grass hill backdrop. Great sound and view. Not too many bad seats even at the back you won't need binoculars.

The areas around the stage and bleachers are pretty cool too. Lots of open space and different foods. Beer and whisky never more than a few steps away.

At 37 years old I wasn't sure if I was old enough to fit in. With music as good as this it will satisfy any soul from any generation. It was a lot fun, dancing, singing along and drinking over priced beer. Nothing can top that right.

Let's add a priceless sunset.

One thing about the Doobie Brothers is their ability to keep playing song after song, back to back with less than a minute between them. Non stop for over an hour, not many much younger could do that.

Back when music was made by the band and sung without digital alterations.

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oh cool! i recently became a fan of steely dan, not really my mind of music but there is something about steely dan i cant deny is awesome. never really got into the doobie bros though, even tho i always liked their name


Doobie Brothers is a catchy name. Even though im an 80s baby and these guys were on stage peaking in the 70s, still many of their songs get me moving.

Did Steely Dan play FM (no static at all) ?
I mean, that really tells ones age.


Im not familiar with the names of his songs but i do recognize them when played. That guy still has a voice, had the crowd singing, whereas Doobie Bros had people dancing.

I scored free tickets just hours before they went on stage, i called some friend, then called some long lost friends and still I went alone. Haha. It was fun and memorable.

I believe music is for all people who appreciates and has the heart for it. Age doesn't matter really lol. I've joined live concerts like that before and had watched a few local and foreign bands too, it was surely fun and the quality of sound is way much better compare to what we hear in our music players. But live concerts here in my country are done in closed coliseum or theatre, must be more awesome when held in an open place like that under the beautiful sky.
I'm not familiar with Doobie brothers but I got to listen to some of their songs today.
I think this will be my favorite one, have listened to it several times =) I hope they played this song at the concert too!

-Listen to the music-


Outdoor concerts are always the best in Canada but in the winter. ^^

I imagine PH is too hot to be in the sun compared to canada. We have lots of outdoor music festivals, some last days and people camp outside and live there. I've a few of those, don't know how I survived. Lol

That song you chose is one of the best.


It can be really hot during sunny days, the snow would melt before it gets here lol, maybe this is why we don't have winter season. Most concerts and festivals here are held during late afternoon or evening so it's fine.

I've heard you have many winter festivals and other outdoor activities in Canada and famous artist/performers take part in those too. I also read about the Winterlude and Winter Festival of Lights as one of the phenominal events that one shouldn't miss out in Canada.

Some don't like the freezing weather in your country, but who cares about the cold if the live band performer is damn hot! Lol =)

When you enjoy and love what you do, you can survive anything. =)

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