Donation Competition - Win The Lap Top And Donate It... (Prize 10 SBD + Donation) 10 Days - Day #3 The Registration Is In Progress

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The aim of this competition is to extend the idea for Steemit blogging. If we give a donation in food or money, when money and food are spent, we have the same problem - a poor family. If you donate a computer and teach people to make good posts and comments, then they begin to get a regular cash flow. I believe that in the first month, every new user can make $ 500, In the beginning the most money is made on good comments. Steemit with this idea can feed many people, villages, cities and poor countries. I want to launch a human idea because more users bring higher and faster growth to Steem and SBD. I want this competition to grow, to get a global dimension. Now it's only one computer, the next time the prize can be 150-300 SBD - it depends on the support you give me.

Winner ( 38.779 SBD ) : @peterecheng

Hello sir, @dobartim, i would like to send my gratitude to you for this humanitarian services you re doing, am really proud of this great job you re doing. And the only thing i can offer you now is a prayer. God bless you sir and more power to your elbow. Above is my picture, i am a registered steemian but i really find it difficult to do the necessary things to help my development on steemit due to no access to good computer system. The phone am using presently is so bad that sometimes it could just go off and i could hardly get it on again. The reason why i should be consider is because am a student, i take full responsibility of my education, am responsible for payment of my tuition fee, and other expenses, i takes care of my accommodation, bills in the house, i feed myself. Last year, i almost could not pay my fee if not for the intervention of my brother, but now as i am writing he is late, he died of (cancer of the liver), i don't have anybody to help me, the load on my head is too much, i am so much afraid of seeing myself drop out of school for lack of money which i would not want to happen. Since i started school, life have been so difficult for me, my parent have nothing to assist me with, i have been hoping on God all the while. Just of recent, a colleague of mine told me about steemit and i was so exited, because i heard so many testimonies from people on how steemit had help them and changed their lives. I joined steemit with the hope of getting some money to take care of my necessary bills especially my school fee which is my priority for now. I look forward to hearing from you. Am Peter Echeng, from (Nigeria) am one of your followers.

Rules for applieng :
Rules for recipients of donations :
Place a photo of your family or children to whom you want to donate Lap Top at the place for comments
Make a brief description of why you need to donate Lap Top to them
The number of people you apply is unlimited
In the end - if you are selected for a donation, you should provide material proof that you used the money for that purpose.

You need to be my follower
Upvote this post
Resteem this post

Donor rules ( Everyone can donate how much he wants SBD to support this project ) :
You can donate how much SBD you want
Donations should be sent to my account
We will publicly put your name and amount of donation as a sign of gratitude to each post that will be posted

Rules for winning the prize :
The competition lasts for 10 days
Only judges can vote : @dobartim ( From now I am the only judge of this competition, and I chose winners )

Thanks to donors : @dobartim 10 SBD, @ambdavid 0.273 SBD, @lamexicana 0.200 SBD,

Day #1

Day #2

Proof :

Believe in yourself @dobartim



Brother I have created a publication about the family that needs this donation.
Visit the post and let me know if you read it leaving a comment, to keep this family more calm since they really need the ** Lap Top **
Thanks for everything @dobartim
Direct link of the post for the donation.

very good idea in help .. when I started about 60 days ago in steemit my life was chaotic economically because here in Venezuela poverty invades us because of the economic crisis that the country is living, but that I met steemit my life change clear I do not win a lot here but it gives me the resources to live normal without worrying much about where I'm going to get money for food .. steemit can change anyone's life..

What a blessing it is to find people like you @ Córdobartim for the good initiative that you created to help people in need. I thank God for his life and for that desire that he placed in his heart.

I am born and residency in Venezuela, a beautiful country that is currently going through a very unfortunate economic crisis. Every day I see how poverty continues to grow, to the point that every day more people are seen trying to collect food from the trash to take a livelihood to their homes. The economic level has declined so much that malnutrition in children every day is more noticeable. People who previously had a high weight, today have a large weight loss due to poor diet. The shortage in which our country is submerged is great and every day increases. As a Christian we could not sit idly by watching our country die every day of hunger for lack of food consumption and the high costs of them, so in our Christian church has started a non-profit social project called "Operation Joseph" , title inspired by the Biblical History of Joseph when he was governor of Egypt and helped his people Israel when a famine passed. Therefore, Operation Joseph is based on bringing food to the most needy people in our country, helping them to eat physically and spiritually.

Currently this social work is subsidized monetarily by the friends of the church who make an effort to buy the food that will be prepared. For the moment it is carried out once a week due to the daily increase in prices. Our goal is to achieve greater reach and thus reach out to more people in need. Therefore I make this donation request to continue promoting this project in my country and help to fight the hunger that every day reaches more Venezuelans.

We serve approximately 100 people weekly

Link of the social networks in Spanish of "Operación José".


it is very noble to be able to share for the [email protected]

Good day to you @dobartim, I admire and appreciate your kindness and generosity towards mankind and so proud of you. You're really a blessing to @steemit and all steemians. I am an orphan and a steemit newbie who is presently sharing a phone to post on steemit with a friend which is not convenient for me and my friend. Painful that I got to know about steemit when I had already misplaced my phone and sold my mini fairly used laptop for survival. I know steemit is all about being consistent to grow and so on but having serious difficulty to do that and I want to grow, impact etc on steemit. Wished am buoyant to get myself a system but not. I find it hard posting sometimes because my friend uses his mobile phone almost every moment and its becoming embarrassing to me requesting for his phone always but am hopeful that I'd surely experience a miracle soon on steemit. I hope for this competition consideration. As an orphan, I've strived so hard seeing myself to this stage and going through hardship, poverty, and many more. Paying some bills(rent, feeding, education, transportation)etc is so difficult for me and that resulted in I dropping out of school late last year and also sleeps about like birds, eat whatever which is placed on my table because a beggar is no choser. I have no one to count on for assistance but God and hope to return back to school again and complete my education soon. Am faced with difficulties on a daily basis but I never for once lost hope regardless of daily challenges. (Being without helpers is hell which I have to face). Recently, @emmakwisequote; a distant friend invited and discussed about steemit and those opportunities which lie within. I was glad hearing about it and saw it as a platform where I can achieve my dreams of going back to school and become a better person in the society. Am left with no option than to join and since then I've read a lot of testimonies and my hope got strengthened the more but not having my own browsing gadget sucks. Am yet to give my own steemit testimony and am hope I'll do so soon. Now, I look up to God and steemit for my dreams to be achieved, no doubt about that. I await your response and would be excited if considered for a this donation and this will be the beginning of my dream actualization testimony. Thanks. @oduwole to @dobartim

Amazing Work.. Proud that i look after you here at steemit.. i promise when i will get Good SBD' s in my account, i will donate too.. i am just new. I can only wish u all the best

I need donation for myself. I have decide to engage in community development by opening an office for steemit in my underdeveloped region. I am a student of a renowned university and at this moment cant afford to but the basics things I need for the project to be succesful . People in my community hadly have access to mobile phones not to talk of computers . So i will need to provide them with access to my computer which at the moment I also have none. The reason I joined steemit is to make Impact and i feel this is the right time to develop my community with steemit. I am asking for donations of Computers to my community steemit project and we'll forever be grateful. Thanks for your selfless service.

with the rate of unemployement , and economic meltdown, steemit will help to make living easier for my people and reduce the ever increasing crime rate.

this is really great i wish i could participate though in just new

Really it is a great support and this post also inspirational for us. I wish to help him but now i did't enough steem . Because i am also new user in steemit. When i will be established here , i also will contribute some steem to poor steemians . Thank you for your great step.

@Dobartim, thanks so much for the opportunity to bounce back to life, my name is Albert Martins (deeambuiltandach)

I live as a squatter with a friend in Ilorin, Nigeria and use an itel phone that barely lasts 30 minutes on battery power before going off.
My business folded up in 2015 and since then could hardly afford a meal talk more of accomodation.
In January of 2018, i explained my pains and frustration to a friend who told me of how Steemit helped him bounce back to life. I joined immediately but could not do anything on steemit after activation because i could not pay for internet connection.
I went in search of a job to do and eventually got one with a car wash service provider where i earn from less than a dollar to one dollar a day and on few occassions two dollars.
I paid for internet connection and got back to steemit. I made my first cash out of N2,000 with joy and sent part of it to my parents who are also struggling to make ends meet in Minna, Niger State.
I am believing that this will be my opportunity to get a laptop and foot some bils that makes me keep running away from those i am owing. Eventually with this, i will be able to particpate fully in steemit, contribute my quota through my writing skill to this community and use my testimony to invite more people to steemit. I do not know when i will be able to pay for my accomodation and continue my education as well as business but i believe this will give me a means to be dedicated on steemit.
I remain Albert Martins (@deeambuiltandach) from Nigeria.
Thanks @Dobartim

I personally very supportive, because life will be more beautiful if we co-help our brothers in need ..

Hello sir, am very grateful for all your effort towards mankind, you have done so well in blessing the lives of people especially those who re facing hard times in life, helping to bring back smiles on their faces. Am one of those you have liberated from a heavy heart full of burdens, you have touch my life beyond expectations. I want to say thank you very much for everything you have done to me and to many others you have blessed too. I pray your goodwill will bring back testimonies to you beyond your expectations. As i grow and develop myself i will do my best to be like you and bless people around me too. Here is attachment of my testimony for my lost hope brought back through you. I do hope you go through it. Thanks

Hello Sir @dorbatim. Through out my stay in the steemit community, I haven't seen nor heard of this measure of generosity you've shown to humanity by anyone else. Greed and selfishness are far away from you. God bless you richly for always giving out to people through contests and donations. I stumbled upon this donation contest again though I had made donation and also contested 1 month ago but I wasn't lucky enough to win it. I've decided to try my luck again. My name is Lizzie Harrison and I am a medical student who just started medical school in my state University. Having access to the internet is almost impossible for me which is bad for me as medical student because I can barely do personal online researches and studies because of no gadgets. I live with my single mother, and I won't say she's a low class. We are middle class family(mom and I) but since she lost her job in the banking system, life has been pretty difficult for us. Eating a 2 square meal is an opportunity for us, bills are smiling at her face, how much more my school fees? Out of sympathy a friend introduced me to steemit so I can earn some money by putting my creativity into writing. So far so good, I was able to pay a semester fee and still hoping to pay subsequent ones. I support my mother by paying up some of her bills and I feel happy helping her with the little I can. If I am being chosen to be the winner of the donation, I'll be super excited because it will help me a lot in my school activities and also, I will be able to register all pending medical students whom has found interest in steemit through me. God bless you once again Sir. I remain @lizzieharrison

That's a really great initiative.
And this is much better than giving money.
This will prove to be a source of regular income.
Congratulations to the guy who won it.

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