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RE: Contest - I will donate 300 STEEM to buy food/water/medicine

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Hello friend @tarekadam, perhaps it seems a dare to break the rules of your post. But it is possible that you are the guide that I was looking for, I am from Venezuela, with the passage of time more and more people are affected by the economic crisis of the country. Some are here in steemit and I include myself because since I found this social network I have been able to improve my life when I thought that everything was lost at least until a few months ago when the Latino community voted everyone equally but that has not happened and as they always say "they are not obliged to help". My message is something simple because I do not have a camera and do not meet all the requirements of your post especially for photography and the main tests because the people I help may not like the idea of ​​wanting to appear on the Internet at least those who are outside.

Months ago I have published several times the situation of Venezuela, currently the minimum wage is 1 $ That is, in steemit it would be 0.4Sbd. Where the food and medicines on pass the 1Sbd per article, soon is approaching May 1 so we can expect the worst and prices will continue to rise and the people to generate going hungry ...

My message to you is this: I have a group of friends who are about to do a project that will help us improve steemit to help Venezuela or at least Venezuelans who are in and out in the future, we would like to rent sp for to be closer to our goal but unfortunately we need the main thing and our post every day are left without profit after a great effort.

If it is within your reach to be able to donate some steem or sbd to be closer to our goal would be of great help and account that as we stabilize we will implement our goal for a better Venezuela.

I wanted to write this comment because I do not have anything other than my motivation and desire to help and I master the Spanish language maybe I do not understand English very well. I hope I can count on your support. Greetings from Venezuela.


Thank you for your comment. If your group has a project to support people than please write a post about it with details on how you are going to do it. All the best to you.

I was just about to finish my post about my situation and I need help, at least to start, tomorrow you will have the post for details, however I want to clarify that I do not do it for the contest you offer directly but as an option to donate me something minimal even. to be able to complete with my friends and promote the project.

Hi again @tarekadam, I'll leave you the information of my problem you can locate in my profile @rayken04.

we are 3 people we need 120 steem to try to duplicate them and to rent sp in a few months to be a traill that helps the Hispanic community and others in need.

I do not share my post with the tag since I do not need the 300 steem but if a small support for personal food in my post you can find a detail of the value of the food does not reach our salary.

Yes You can do a small collaboration / with what you can really help me personally and to undertake the project friend. I will be grateful 1000 times since we are really desperate in hundreds of senses.

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