This is a thing that always bothered me in Breaking Bad, great series but riddled with hints about stuff.

in donaldmarshall •  6 months ago  (edited)

So its series 5, Walt n' Jesse have set up this infestation removal business to then use people's houses to cook meth under guise of fumigation.

But when you see the Fumigation cylinder filled with the poison they use to rid the house of infestation, you can see clearly that it has "Fluoride" written on the canister and its on the tent too in the shot before.

But so on this canister it says "Warning High Toxicity" and below that it says "Inhalation Hazard".

So given that many countries in the world use fluoridated water, and said water can be inhaled when it turns to steam in either showers or kettles and such, does it then not mean that fluoridated water is at least in some way like really fkin toxic?

Just a thing that I noticed in Breaking Bad that always bothered me.

There's other stuff in this show, illuminati pyramids show up a few times.

Jesse Wears it, Walt's Son Walter Jr wears it, a random guy going to see Saul wears it, Hector Salamanca has a necklace with it, Gus Fring ends up as it... Just Lots of one eye symbology.... Even that stupid pink bear..

Jesse's house is number 322 (The number of the Skull and Bones Society) and there is a shot in the show where you can see Jesse stood outside his 322 number house, wearing a Skull and Bones T-Shirt. Kinda weirdly precise...

"Breaking Bad" the phrase actually Equates to the word "Masonic" in simple gematria, both add to 74, so there's that also..

Pretty much a story about how one ends up in a giant secret criminal underworld.. Something anyone who joins the masons wouldn't know Anything about.. Im sure.

Not something that would contain hints of operations masons are aware of.

Like fluoridation of water...

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Another random issue is that because these illuminati freaks love numbers they think its like, the fabric of god, they stick their significant numbers in wherever so again, skull and bones 322 except theyve done it backwarrds with this barrel label with it being 22356. the 56 is actully 5+6. they love 11 and a 56 six is something they often use to reference an eleven. any two numbers that add to eleven look out for, that means 29 38 47 56 65 74 83 and 92.. you will see them used alot if you know that they are there to see. just like it is by 'Happenstance' here

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Know what 322 backwards is in simple gematria letters? BBC.. Cuz thats not used anywhere...

House number 322

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Skull and bones 322

Jesse wearing a skull and bones

Also wore a jacket with illuminati pyramids

So did this random dude going to see Saul Goodman.

so did Walt's son

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Hector Salamanca had a necklace with an eye too.

Gus fring ended up with one eye also.

A=1 B=2 C=3 --- Z=26..... Both add to 74

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