So the show Altered Carbon is directly referencing what Donald Marshall talked about.

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He spoke about a technology they call a Soulstone, an advanced computer chip that memories can be stored onto then used to create a holographic representation of said person after death thus achieving a level of quasi-immortality. It is however not true immortality, essentially its taking an A.I capable of sentience and imbuing it with memories to fool it into believing it is the same as a person who once lived when its not, its more like a faded echo.

Don talked about this for years. I mean years... All the major players in recent history have done it, willingly or otherwise, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, a huge amount of people all ressurected in this weird undead half-life way.

Pet Sematary? - About This.

Many movies ad TV shows have referenced this, but Altered Carbon is a new level of referencing.

They aren't really even referencing anymore they are straight up telling.

This all sounds insane I know but its completely true you will see.

All you need to know is that People use clones and go into them while they sleep- Consciousness Transfer.
People record their minds onto chips and live again in a weird faded fucked up version of their previous selves- Quasi Immortality.
Aand a bunch of weird aliens live here on the planet and have bodysnatched a large percentage of the people on this planet and because they are fucked up mentality, they are fucking up humanity mentally.

So my advice, is watch out for these exact concepts being pushed because they Are and almost nobody sees it. The elite have been doing this for decades all they want now is public acceptance of it.

Consciousness transfer.
Downloading minds into computers and chips.
Chips in the body, in the brain.
Living again in a new body.
Fucked up sexuality being regarded as normal.

Fucking Watch for that shit because its more prevalent than you think i'm fuckin' telling ya.

Case in point, watch this advert for Altered Carbon, they are referencing the Soulstone.

They just call it the sleeve, know why? I imagine its because sleeve sounds nice, a sleeve is warm, a sleeve is comfortable, they would so love if you were comfortable with slipping into this sleeve they have provided, despite the fact it in a way traps your soul, hence the true name Soulstone.

There was even a soulstone thing in Avengers infinity war which SHOCK required a human sacrifice type deal. Thats because The way the aliens bodysnatch biologically, human beings worked out how to bodysnatch technologically through the soulstone, and as you can probably guess, the new bodies they put these soulstones in didn't always agree to it.

You'd be surprised just how many famous and sexy "People" are actually some old rich asshole who paid to live again.

A movie was made about That too.

It was called Self/less

Be vigilant people, honestly the world is telling you Exactly how things are if you just pay attention.

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Clones, robots, consciouness transfer technology has many applications. But it all stems from technology designed to read the thought patterns in your brains which also has other applications like reading your thoughts directly as you think them, and then sending thoughts into your brain that if you aren't wiley might make you think You are the one having them. he movie inception pretty much showed this. In Inception they even talied about how the dream technology was adpated from Darpa Military techn designed for soldiers to practice fighting in a world without consequence, if you replace dreaming with Cloning that people only think is dreams then you have the truth. And now it seems to be the actual way technology is heading according to aticles a few years later, fancy that. and let me tell you, they dont just use these worlds for fighting.

Also. Fuck it. I may as well link some articles that come out Co-incidentally over time discussing these topics. They make little articles that come out all the time to gauge public reactions to things and to push their agenda.

China is really really down with creating chipheads. What do you expect out of a ountry whose last major leader fkin ravaged his people to the point they resorted to cannibalism. China leadership isn't very nice.

Altered Carbon had a display of a clone/sleeve at a bus stop and it was breathing shallow and freaked people out....the local news in LA covered it.......Kanye West had a video Famous with George Bush, Trump, Taylor Swift, Kanye, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Bill Cosby and in the music video it zooms in on the supposed "wax sculptures" breathing shallow....And I know you didn't watch Altered Carbon but they had a scene where they tortured the shit out of the main character, burned him alive...go figure.

They all know know about cloning. some of them are clones of dead people from the past, they clone people from the past and just raise them and they become a totally different person, none of them recall living before, doesn't work like that with what are called Replication clones. Bu alter carbon is straight up displaying the soulstone. That USED to be one of the best kept secrets, now its just out in the open.

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